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Grandma’s cheesecake never came out of the oven. He told me his clear way

Why does cheesecake crack and how to prevent it? Common error is to blame. Check out what we’re talking about before you start baking for Christmas.

First, you carefully grind the cheese, beat the whites, beat the yolks, finally take the cheese out of the oven and see that everything is cracked. Do you know this script? Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence that has probably happened to everyone at least once. However, you don’t have to worry about the cheesecake coming out every time. To effectively prevent a culinary disaster, it is enough to observe 2 important rules.

The most common cause of such a mishap is the wrong baking temperature. well when the oven is very hotthe top part of the dough starts to dry out quickly so that when the cheesecake starts to rise later, it won’t be very flexible and will just crack under the influence of rising.

To prevent the top of a freshly baked cake from cracking, it is extremely important to hold it right after removing it from the oven. Grandma always said not to take out the cheesecake immediately after baking. It should be first leave it in the turned off oven for about 15 minutes, then open the door a little and let it cool for a few more minutes.. Only after such a process can we safely put the cake on the table. Second, the cheesecake is good right out of the oven separate its edges from the plate with a knife. By following these two simple rules, you will avoid the cheesecake disaster.

We already know how to prevent cracking, but what to do if the cheesecake has already cracked. No need to worry because there is an easy way to fix it. Enough Brush the cooled cake with a mixture of cream and sugar and put it in the oven heated to 230 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.. This simple trick works wonders as it cracks under the influence of high temperature and the surface of the cake returns to its original shape.

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