GREAT NEWS for Brazilians who still have this R$1 Coin

Currently the collector’s market such as rare coins and banknotes, has grown quite a bit. In general, numismatists, specialists rare notesoffer high sums for an item that complements their collection such as R$ 1 coinsought after by collectors.

Rare 1 real coin

In particular, collectors themselves are responsible for determining the value of the desired item in their collection. In this way, specialists generally do not save on prices. They are currently looking for rare R$1 coins, including one that reads: letter to P.

It is important to emphasize in advance that this is not a typographical error. This is actually a ‘Stamp Proof’ identification. Therefore, the letter P is nothing more than confirmation that the coin was produced and recognized as a quality product by the mint.

However, what many people do not know is that a coin with this detail should not be printed for circulation in the country. In this sense, because it is a rare item, collectors are constantly looking for something that makes them offer a high value. According to collectors, currently, R$ 1 coin With letter P detailing, it can cost up to R$10k.

Rare 1 real coin. Photo: Disclosure.

A rare coin worth up to Rs.

In addition to the coin with the letter P, experts are looking for another one a rare $1 coin which can reach a value of R$8000. This coin is known as an inverted reverse or “duplex”. The object in question is so known because it has the same print on both sides.

Coins are usually issued with different details on the sides. On the side called the “face” is the statuette (a face representing the Republic), and on the other side, known as the “crown,” is the value.

However, in 2017, a shipment was issued in error where both sides of the coin are tails. In this way the currency, which became known as “two-faced” is of great value to numismatists because it is rare and recognized for this unique detail. According to experts, the current value of the currency can range from 6,000 to 8,000 rials to the dollar.

The most wanted rare banknotes in 2023

  • BRL 1 noteThe federal government began minting the popular R$1 notes in 2006, which are considered rare today due to lack of circulation. The note can cost 275 rials to the dollar;
  • BRL 5 notesDue to a typographical error a few years ago, some of our (real) currency notes have been rare. First among them is the R$5 note, which can fetch up to R$2,000 on the collector’s market. This error consists of an asterisk in front of the serial number.
  • BRL 10 noteOld plastic notes issued in 2000 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil can be worth as much as R$150. The material is full of details about the discovery and the historical context.
  • BRL 50 banknoteCollectors also look for the note without the phrase “Glory to God” next to the numbering. Apart from that, another rare item is a note signed by Percio Arida, the Minister of Finance who served for several months. Both can cost up to R$4k.

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