Great white shark seen feasting on seals near Nantucket


“He’s, like, on his third seal at this point.”

Shark sightings are a summer tradition on New England shores, and this season is no exception.

In a video taken Sunday and shared by the Nantucket Current on Twitter, a great white shark feeds on seals near the coast of Great Point. Seals can be seen fleeing onto the beach, while a shark frolics in the nearby water.

“He’s, like, on his third seal right now,” exclaims an onlooker.

Another video, shared Saturday by Facebook user Tom Corper, shows a group of boaters from Nantucket hanging out in a small shark. At the end of the video, the sailors unhook the shark and release it into the ocean.

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  • Here are yesterday’s Cape Cod shark sightings and beach closures, according to Sharktivity

Twelve sharks were spotted this weekend along the coast of Cape Cod, according to the Sharktivity app. The app, run by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, shows users the locations of white shark sightings to promote the safety of beachgoers.

This week’s sighting follows a warning from local researchers as Cape Cod’s great white shark season begins. Megan Winton, a scientist with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, warned beachgoers at a press conference on June 29.

“Just know there are big sharks out here,” Winton said. “They are constantly present from June to autumn.”

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