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Gridaly is a startup that offers technologies for organizing online and hybrid events. The company previously operated as a software house, creating technology for the events industry, and now operates as part of a SaaS platform, created during the first lockdown when we all realized that our reality was changing forever.

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The fate of the event industry was questioned during the lockdown, and the only solution to ensure stability was to move activities online. Michał Ratajczak and Bartosz Szuryga decided to prove that it was possible… and that’s how Gridaly was born. When creating their own tool, they focused on the social aspect – building relationships.

According to Gridala CEO Bartosz Szuryga, the company is focusing on technology development and expanding the IT team. –

The online events market is constantly growing and increasing the appetite of participants for new and new experiences. Gone are the days when just using a popular video conferencing tool was enough, people want more. As Gridaly, we strive to become the leader in event-tech solutions in Europe, which is why we invest in a team of the best IT specialists – developers, engineers and specialists in cloud solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence – to help us deliver such experiences – comments.

About us

Gridaly is an all-in-one platform where we host live streams and workshops. You can also find features like engagement rate, gamification modules, social wall, speed networks and topic networks as well as integration with sales systems. Exhibitors can take advantage of many options to display their branding within the virtual booth at the Expo, increasing their brand awareness among potential customers.

But above all, at Gridaly, we focus on networking. Thanks to features such as built-in chat, appointment scheduling, as well as audio and video calls, participants can establish and strengthen relationships not only during the event itself, but also before and long after it. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence has enabled networking and content matchmaking, thanks to which visitors can reach specific companies and products faster and meet people with similar interests.

The gamification function allows event organizers to motivate interaction with other users, for which they receive points and rise in the ranking of the most active participants of the event. The engagement indicator is a data-driven algorithm that analyzes attendee behavior during events and measures attendee engagement at specific locations on the platform. To date, the platform has hosted a total of more than 200 online and hybrid events with more than 240,000 participants from 97 countries. A total of over 1,000 speakers spoke at these events.

What we believe in

We know how important it is to have a reliable platform used by your event attendees and people who understand your needs and can design appropriate solutions. By combining technology and people, we make every event organized by Gridaly a unique experience.

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to access online events, so everyone can participate in Gridala events, regardless of where they live, health or wealth. We are also a team of people who value openness and diversity, and we build our relationships on honesty and mutual respect.

We are aware that not everyone can keep up with the digitization of the event sector, which is why we share knowledge about online and hybrid events that introduce people to new experiences. We like to support foundations and student organizations that reach a wider audience with their mission through events on our platform.

We are also constantly developing the educational project GridalyLab, which aims to provide knowledge about online and hybrid events. Experts from various fields are invited to the project – psychologists, analysts, event specialists and UX designers, whose perspective is an added value for the created content.

Our latest project is the webinar series “Online 2.0 Conferences”, realized with the Webcomm studio, which aims to familiarize participants with the topic of online, hybrid and stationary events. At the events, we showed how online events can support business and talked about the practical aspects of preparing such projects.

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