Grim City-17 and the unusual Ravenholm in the trailer for the fan-made remake of Half-Life 2, based on Valve’s early development.

Raising The Bar: The authors of the Redux modification, which recreates the version of Half-Life 2 rejected by Valve, have published the trailer for the second chapter of the remake. New content will be released “soon”.

Image source: moddb.com

The second chapter, titled “Part 2,” will take Gordon Freeman on a journey through the sewers of City 17 and the terrifying Quarrytown, an early version of Ravenholm. You can download it from ModDB, where version 1.2 (Wake up in the city at 17 and find allies) 2020 and The Division 2 February demo with the first six levels (Escape the city) are still available. The mod was intended for Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

“Look at Half-Life 2 from the unknown side, recommend the authors. – Return to City 17 in the Iron Hands of the Alliance and the Consul [personagem cortado, predecessor do Dr. Breen – aprox.]🇧🇷 Meet old and new friends and enemies. Immerse yourself in an updated combat system with familiar weapons and additional features that enhance gameplay. You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to sit down.”

Work on Raising The Bar began in 2012. At the time, another team was involved in the project, which left it in 2016. The title of the remake is taken from David Hodgson’s 2004 book about the development of Half-Life 2. early versions to the final release, from which the authors used information and concept art to recreate the lost version of the game. A few years later, the current team of modders revived the remake under the subtitle Redux.

In the early stages of development, Half-Life 2 looked very different from the release version. City 17 looked more like an American sci-fi dystopia in the style of Blade Runner than an Eastern European city, Alix Vance looked different, and Eli Vance was played by Eli Maxwell. Since 2016, the creators of the Dark Interval mod have been developing their version of Half-Life 2 with restored content, also based on the aforementioned book.

In May, Noclip’s documentaries revealed other developments rejected by Valve, from a canceled Half-Life 2 branch called Ravenholm.

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