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Ground bacon will make them juicy and expressive. You won’t go back to the old recipe

Add this ingredient to ground patties and everyone will be asking for more. You haven’t eaten this dish yet with this version. Check out exactly what the product is about.

Meatballs are an integral part of the menu in Polish homes. We eat them every day, but they are also served on holidays. They are delicious and do not need any additions, except for classic potatoes and salad. The patent used by the best housewives in making them will work well. One more ingredient will enhance the flavor of the patties

A patent for juicy and expressive ground patties

The meatballs will come out tastier when you add more to them bacon. This supplement will give them that too unique fragrance. It’s also the perfect recipe for spicing up this traditional dinner.

In addition, the bacon will melt into the ground patties during frying, which in turn will make them juicier. Cut the ham into small cubes and mix with the minced meat

What can be done to make the minced meatballs even more fragrant?

To make the taste of minced meatballs even more intense, be sure to add garlic and onion to them. This will make the dish a little more spicy and expressive.

For lovers of bold flavors, we also offer minced meatballs with finely chopped basil and sage leaves. They will come out with a pleasant note of extremely fragrant freshness. This subtle taste will also be a pleasant change from the classic minced meat.

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