Growing demand և Lack of staff leads to chaos in European airports

Summer has come to Europe with high temperatures and the excitement of tourists returning to travel. But this whole movement has caused scenes of chaos at the airports. Companies are struggling to fill vacancies at the height of the epidemic. In addition, airlines are on strike at the continent’s airports.

And because so many people want to travel, problems are inevitable. Dozens of bags were piled up at Heathrow Airport after the owners sat down.

A similar situation was experienced by lawyer Mauricio Portugal Ribeiro, who landed on a British Airways flight in Sao Paulo this Thursday (30th) and found the worst only after landing. No luggage loaded, all bags left in London.

“The plane left a little late, an hour late. Sitting down was a bit confusing, but nothing that seemed like a disorganization by British Airways, a company that is expected to have some organization. People were getting off the flight when they got in touch. Some understood it, some did not, because they were announcing it in English. And that feeling of surprise, huh? Because how come you have not warned about such a thing before? “They decided to leave without anyone’s luggage, without notifying the passengers,” Ribeiro explained.

is wanted CNN:British Airways has apologized for the incident, saying it is doing its best to return the luggage to passengers as soon as possible.

The biggest problem seems to be in the UK. That is why the British government has advised the airlines to reduce the number of flights in advance before the start of the European summer, anticipating the problems.

Now the British government promises to help. According to today’s announcement, the laws to speed up hiring will be simplified. There will be a recruitment and training platform for airline employees, as well as a loan program for commercial airports.

The companies wanted more. They asked for a review of Brexit migration policy to hire labor from other countries.

As the crisis drags on in Europe, it CNN: spoke with Rui Amparo, Director of Safety and Operations at the Brazilian Airlines Association (Abear), to see if the scenario could be repeated in Brazil.

“In some cases, the airlines are left without staff, without land staff, the companies carrying bags without staff. Thus, you cause a lot of headaches to the companies, mainly to the end customers. “From there it can have a headache, which we see during some flights, some planes arrive not with all the luggage, but from here to there we do not have this problem,” he said.

And for those who have already encountered or may face this chaos, if they are going to go to Europe and then return to Brazil, consumer protection specialist Maria Ines Dolchi explains what can be done.

“First, make sure the company has this information in writing. If the problem is not solved, because there is a deadline for the companies to return those bags. It takes 30 days to find and return the luggage, otherwise the consumer can ask for compensation, “the specialist explained.

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