Guaraná Antarctica celebrates the typical actions of Brazilian parents

Father’s Day is approaching and Guaraná Antarctica is thinking about the best way to pay that special tribute. An idea from here, an idea there… And let’s be honest, if every Brazilian mother has very distinctive characteristics, fathers are no different, right? There is that maxim about the gift shirt in the supermarket, which is repeated three times a week; or a joke from the past that never goes out of style (in their minds, right)? “Ah, but in my time” or “I sat on the edge, paid the bill”. These and others were thought of “Father’s Mania”that the campaign came to give birth to the celebrants of the month.

Whether it’s taking a nap after lunch or the classic way of replying to a WhatsApp message, there are things that are 100% Pai BR. With a humorous tribute, the brand attacks the barbecue lunch of this very special date and highlights the eccentricities of the patriarch in films that follow the daily life of a Brazilian family.

Eric Magalhães, Marketing Manager at Guaraná Antarctica, says:

“We are a brand that always takes into account the characteristics of our country. Guaraná Antarctica is 100% Brazilian and we understand that there is much that includes the universe of parents who are too. And the best thing about all of this is that these are details that are passed down from father to son. If you’re not yet a father, save this now, it could be you who jokes “He who sits on the sidelines pays the bill” and ends: “Using this hook we created a “Manias de pai” “campaign in honor of fathers on that date, too very Brazilian.”

The campaign, created by the Soko agency, is available on the brand’s social networks and on the Guaraná Antarctica YouTube channel. Watch the full movie below:

Mateus Roša, editor of Soko, spoke about the campaign:

“Our challenge with Guarana is always to look for that vision of the Brazilian that no other brand would have. Therefore, instead of looking for inspiration in what is happening in advertising around the world, we prefer to look at what is happening in our homes, at family lunches, on those Sundays when there is nothing good on TV. Real Brazilian stories happen here.”

Vitor Fabu, artistic director of the agency, concluded:

“The care in portraying situations recognized by every father and every Brazilian goes beyond what is said. It’s in those clothes left on the clothesline at the end of the film, in the shirt from the market that every father likes to wear, and in that clay filter that everyone has at home that appears on set.”

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