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Gunnar Nelson dispatched Bryan Barberena in the first round with a Slick Armbar.

Gunnar Nelson and Bryan Barberena at UFC 286 weigh-in ceremony. Credit: Jamie Theodosi/Cageside Press.

Brian Barbarana meets the grappling veteran at UFC 286 as he faces former Top 15 Welterweight contender Gunnar Nelson on the PPV card.

Barbarena battles three legends of the sport Matt Brown, Robbie Lawler and Rafael Dos Anjos joining the fray. Therefore, even a respectable man like Nelson has turned down a role for him in terms of fame power. So it doesn’t always have to be an easier matchup. Gunnar returns to the cage in 2022 after a three-year absence as he dominates Takashi Sato, the promise Nelson made in his heavyweight fight. His top rated lightweight could bring him back into the ranks. But he had to go through Barena first.

Gunnar and Barbarana begin to feel each other. Leaping in Their Moves – Nelson in the Orthodox Pose and barbarena in the southern paw pose. Brian targets the karate fighter with leg kicks. which ended with Gunnar’s calf severely bruised. But Nelson continued to advance. Appears to be preparing to arrest He crashed into a clinch after one hundred seconds of fight time. Barbarena defended well in the clinch with a frame and hook at first, but Nelson managed to find his way into the clinch. can double-under

After sitting together for a full minute. Gunnar was able to go deep on one leg, lift Brian up and place him on his back. Settle in the top half. Nelson dropped his elbow from the top position for a minute before eventually splitting his arms and scrambling for the armbar. It was a risky move. But the last few seconds of that round limit the potential downside. More importantly, Barbarena was forced to tap after just a few seconds.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Gunnar Nelson defeats Bryan Barbarena by submission (arm) round 1, 4:51.

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