Hammer down, BIG WIN Weekend for those with an official contract

In the face of prolonged economic crisis, the withdrawal of FGTS (Longevity Guarantee Fund) may be the solution that many workers are waiting for to lighten their pockets.

However, funds can only be released in exceptional cases through Caixa Econômica Federal, which is responsible for managing FGTS payments.

This March, for example, there are two withdrawal methods available to employees.

Remembering that FGTS is created by monthly contributions made by employers. The amount should correspond to 8% of the gross salary of the employees.

The purpose of Fundo de Garantia is to help owners in case of need and also when they are dismissed without just cause.

In short, through almost all FGTS withdrawal methods, employees can withdraw the funds in full, i.e. from all their savings accounts.

In the case of dismissal without just cause, retirement or proof of serious illness, this is possible. However, there are other ways to redeem the values ​​under the law governing the benefit.

Of the more than 15 types of FGTS withdrawals, two are active this month: the anniversary withdrawal and the disaster withdrawal.

FGTS withdrawal is active in March

Of the more than 15 types of FGTS withdrawals, two are active this month: the anniversary withdrawal and the disaster withdrawal. See below for more details on each of them.

birth withdrawal

You must join the mod to complete the birthday withdrawal.

In this regard, workers who have opted for this mode and are born in March can already repay 5% to 50% of the balance in their FGTS accounts.

However, anyone who chooses this form loses the right to severance in case of dismissal without just cause.

In this case, the employee is awarded a termination penalty of only 40% of the amounts paid under the employment contract.

robbery disaster

In this way, the employee can withdraw up to R$6,220.

However, loot is only released to citizens whose city they reside in declares a state of public disaster. Redemption can be done through the FGTS app.

In any case, to access the values, it is necessary to have a positive balance in the active and inactive FGTS accounts and not withdraw for the same reason, i.e. due to a disaster, in a period of less than 12 months.

Other ways of withdrawing FGTS

There are some cases that allow workers to repay their FGTS amounts. Check what they are.

  • Unreasonable dismissal by the employer.
  • Termination by agreement between employer and employee.
  • For the purchase of a house;
  • To complete the payment of the property purchased through the consortium.
  • Complete the payment of the financed property (by SFH: Housing Financial System);
  • Termination due to termination of term contract.
  • With the closing of the company. valid in case of partial or full liquidation of the company or institution;
  • Termination due to mutual fault (employer and employee) or force majeure (if the company is affected by fire or flood, for example);
  • Termination due to retirement;
  • in case of natural disasters such as floods or wind;
  • Being a single employee working through a class organization is suspended for 90 days or more;
  • For employees aged 70 and over.
  • HIV-infected employees or dependents;
  • Employees or dependents diagnosed with cancer.
  • Employees or caregivers who are terminally ill due to serious illness;
  • Workers who stay for three consecutive years or more without working under a formal contract;
  • In the event of the death of the owner, the guardians and heirs recognized by the court order can leave.
  • Birthday withdrawal.
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