HaptX Gloves G1 Tactile Gloves for VR will cost $5,495 + $495/month.

HaptX has introduced the Gloves G1, designed to create haptic effects in virtual reality worlds. The device costs 5,495 USD and, in addition, offers a monthly subscription fee of 495 USD. The novelty is aimed at corporate customers rather than ordinary ones.

Image source: haptx.com

The HaptX Gloves G1 kit includes a pair of gloves and an Airpack unit that is worn on the back like a backpack or placed on a stationary surface next to the user if the journey into the virtual world does not involve any significant physical activity. The Airpack pushes compressed air into a system responsible for haptic feedback. Available in four sizes, the gloves are equipped with hundreds of micro-activators that act on the wearer’s skin to create a tactile sensation for the virtual objects they touch.

The project’s success will depend on how the market perceives it, but for now, a pair of virtual reality gloves are being offered for a one-time payment of $5,495 and a mandatory monthly subscription of $459, which includes device service and maintenance. software development tools. The HaptX SDK allows, in particular, to create plugins for the Unreal Engine and Unity engines and to use the C++ API to work with built-in functions.

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