Harry Styles isn’t just another former member of One Direction performing in the pouring rain

Dressed in black and yellow pants and a plaid shirt with khaki pants, he kicked off the first Love on Tour show in Brazil with “Music for Sushi Restaurant.”

Susana Terao
Sao Paulo-SP

In the pouring rain, Harry Styles took to the stage at Allianz Parque, west of Sao Paulo, this Tuesday (6th), but didn’t dare to run down the 20m catwalk attached to the stage. He walks slowly, greeting the audience and sarcastically asks if the audience agrees that the show is taking place in those conditions. “We’re all going to get wet and this is going to be perfect,” the singer told the euphoric crowd.

Dressed in black and yellow pants and a plaid shirt with khaki pants, he kicked off the first Love on Tour show in Brazil with his latest single, “Music for Sushi Restaurant.”

Originally scheduled for October 2020, during the tour for his second album Fine Line, this series of shows was postponed due to the pandemic and brought the British artist’s third album, Harry’s House, in addition to more mature. singer, with more control stage and interactions with fans.

Despite everything, Harry, who performed in Sao Paulo because of the rain, seemed even more shy, perhaps because of the rain, about his tour shows in other countries.

Last week, he almost performed in Argentina, singing “Medicine” to fans at River Plate Stadium without an official recording as part of the Live on Tour, and performing to celebrate Argentina’s win over Australia. last Saturday (3).

Expectations were high here. In addition to the fact that several fans have gathered in front of the stadium for months, the queues reached more than seven blocks by 2:00 pm on Tuesday, combining the general track, lower and upper seat sections. The gates only opened at 5pm but were brought forward to 3pm.


On his third trip to Brazil, he finally takes the stage he was promised in May 2014 when he was still a member of One Direction. The Where We Are tour will see the boyband perform at the brand new Allianz Parque in the west of the city, but the stadium will be ready months after the band’s visit. The songs from “Midnight Memories” were to be sung at Morumbi Stadium.

In addition to “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” he ended the intro combo with the upbeat “Golden” and “Adore You.” In his music videos, it is worth remembering that the trio resembles the aquatic Harry Styles, in which he presents himself, accordingly, as a tentacled water lover who is about to become a meal: a heartthrob running shirtless on the beach of a Mediterranean city; and a foreigner whose only friend on the eccentric island of Eroda is a fish.

But he doesn’t want to be any character on stage. he is the same harry who has been shocking his audience since he was 16 years old. Whether he’s smiling, waving, reading signs or making light-hearted jokes about the weather, Gucci’s poster boy makes every fan feel special.

If that were the case, Styles could easily have attended a One Direction concert, sharing the spotlight with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. But despite the synchronized screams of a small group of fans during the show waiting for the band to come back, the only remnant he brings from the band is the hit “What Makes You Beautiful”.


In 2014, at the age of 20 (two years before the band announced a hiatus), Styles began to adopt elements that set him apart from other boys, such as a habit of filling his hair, which had begun to grow. his mouth with water and spitting it out, like a whale, and even unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down to reveal “Brazil”. tattooed on the left thigh.

When he comes solo to Brazil in 2018, he’s still referencing the band that made him famous, Stockholm Syndrome, present on the closing tour of On The Road Again and paying tribute to the band’s latest Made in the ” to the album. AM’, which did not appear on the band’s setlist, singing ‘If I Could Fly’.

During the Live on Tour, at Espaço das Américas, Harry put on a more intimate show and was more confined to the center of the stage, leaning on a microphone stand. Without the podium, he did not show his usual euphoria. On this tour, Harry still had strong ties to One Direction, but tried to show his individuality, such as playing the guitar (an instrument limited to member Niall during his boyband days) and wearing elegant designer suits.

However, with the current Love on Tour, we see Harry with an already successful solo career and off the hook of being a former member of something. With the last two films, “Don’t Worry, Darling”, surrounded by controversy; and “My Cop”, where she appears naked having sex with another man; With a headlining performance at the Met Gala, Grammy nominations and a win, she became a multi-faceted star who expanded her fan base and global recognition, even under accusations of queerbashing.


With her costumes put together by stylist Harry Lambert, she has colorful collections that speak volumes to the Fine Line era, even if this one was a little lacking in tour.

The artist’s fashion hints are also understood by fans, who now make up their looks with lots of glitter, sequins, feathers and cowboy hats or even betting on androgynous combinations.

He followed the show with Daylight. In “The Cinema” he had to stop before the choir to help sick fans on the railing near the stage. He also played ‘Keep Driving’ which is also from his latest album.


In “Satellite”, the audience took advantage of the rain break to surprise the singer. With blue, yellow and green cellophane sheets attached to cell phone flashlights, the stadium was filled with the colors of the flag. The musician thanked for the gift.


An emotional ‘She’ and a melancholic ‘Matilda’ give the audience time to relax, which soon resumes with the lively ‘Lights Up’, with Harry leading the sections to use their cellphones’ flashlights to the beat. music.

His major hits, however, were left for the latter half of the show. The transition to “Late Night Talking,” arguably the most dance-sounding of his recent songs, was set to Brazilian music with the “faz affection dumdum” of “Trem das Onze.”

“Watermelon Sugar”, the commercial success of “Fine Line”, also shocked the audience that night. Crazy “Canyon Moon” and the singer’s catchphrase, “Great People with Kindness” had the premium track dancing and running on a little train.

Only two songs from their debut album remained in the presentation. perhaps the fact that the disc was not recognized by industry awards influenced this choice. They were the singer’s favorite track, “Kiwi”, which ended the show. and “Sign of the Times,” a success that is essentially one of his best works. When he sang the last, Harry walked to the end of the catwalk on the pedestal and raised the Brazilian flag.

It wasn’t enough that all the fans got wet from the rain, the singer took the opportunity to throw more water on the audience closest to the podium.

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