Hashish in underwear.  drug smuggling at Dortmund airportEnglish 

Hashish in underwear. drug smuggling at Dortmund airport

Passengers were caught trying to transport drugs at the airport twice in one week. The hides of a man (36) and a woman (30) are different, and yet they have something in common.

Two people were caught trying to transport drugs at Dortmund airport within a week. © photo alliance / dpa

According to a report from the main customs office in Dortmund, federal police officers detained a 36-year-old traveler at the customs office last Monday (June 27). He entered from the Republic of Kosovo. They suspected he might be carrying drugs.

Drugs in panties

They were right about that. Although a search of his carry-on luggage was unremarkable, a so-called drug clearance test came back positive for cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines.

The customs officials searched the man and found what he was looking for in his underpants. Inside was a bag containing 1.2 grams of hashish. This was secured as evidence. Initiated a criminal case.

The suitcase smelled of marijuana

It wasn’t until three days later (June 30) that apron control officers at Dortmund airport alerted customs officials. A suitcase in Hévíz, Hungary smelled strongly of marijuana. Customs officials found 12.7 grams of marijuana wrapped in underwear in the suitcase, which was seized as evidence.

The 30-year-old owner of the suitcase was found in the security area. A criminal case was also initiated against them, in this case, on the suspicion of illegal drug export.

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