Havana Black Friday with various offers and benefits

THE Havana predicts and starts, at the beginning of November, the campaign Black Friday Champion. Throughout the month, customers will find in all 174 megadays a variety of offers and many benefits that alone Havana It has the largest product mix with more than 350 thousand items, free parking, air-conditioned environment, Havan card, Pula-Pula, different hours from 9 to 10 am, with service from Sunday to Sunday, between others.

Following the same 2021 theme of being the champion, the retailer now brings football as an appeal, already referencing World Cupand also relives, through a jingle, the national hit that went viral in 2013, especially on soccer fields: Passinho do Volante, by Os Leleks.

In the campaign, the official poster girl, Liberty, who is a stone statue standing in front of the stores, comes to life and dances to the music doing a Tik Tok-style choreography.

Havan has a competitive advantage that is the whole month of the campaign. Therefore, the marketing team thought with a lot of love and care to work on a nostalgic, but humorous, fun line for people and this has a lot to do with our company.”, explains Núcleo Criativo’s marketing coordinator, Ana Paula Mellão.

all offers sexta-feira Negra will also be available on the website mortar.com and in the application Havana, and for a complete experience, customers will be able to visit physical stores. “Therefore, our goal is to bring customers to the stores so that they can enjoy our entire variety within the most convenient hours for everyone.“, adds Ana Paula.

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