Have an Apple Watch? Now you can use ChatGPT on it

You’ve probably already heard of ChatGPT, which has been breaking records for popularity for some time now. Now Apple Watch users can take advantage of this directly on their smartwatches.

Still haven’t heard of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced language model based on artificial intelligence that enables dialogue with real users.

Its creators, viz. company OpenAI, emphasize that this model is trained on huge sets of text data, allowing it to generate answers that appear to be written by a human. During training, the model was intensively supported by experts who helped to improve its functionality. The chat is based on the GPT 3.5 series.

It’s worth noting that AI doesn’t just generate text responses. Image generators that use artificial intelligence have also gained popularity. Tools that offer such a solution include: DALL-E 2 and Midjourney AI. Just enter a description in the corresponding text box and the program will generate unique graphics for you.

Artificial intelligence on your wrist

If you often use ChatGPT and are also a happy owner of an Apple Watch, now you really can’t part with OpenAI artificial intelligence. There’s a new app on the App Store called Watch GPT.

About the application’s presentation in the Apple store he informed its developer Hide van der Ploeg. With this app you can now interact with chat right from your wrist. After receiving an answer to a question, the user can share it in the form of text messages, emails and other social applications directly from the Apple Watch.

WatchGPT App (Source: Twitter)

AI questions can be asked by typing them on the on-screen keyboard, but also with voice. Users can set WatchGPT as a watch face shortcut for quick access to apps with one touch.

Unfortunately, the WatchGPT app is not free. To use the OpenAI solution directly from your smartwatch, you need to pay $4.99, which equals ~ PLN 22 per month.

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