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Have you chosen the person who will celebrate your wedding? Check out our tips!

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Many couples have sought alternatives to traditional unions, celebrating the big day in different spaces, adding unique details and offering a ceremony capable of bringing laughter and tears from friends and family. This great moment takes on a romantic and exciting atmosphere, revealing the true meaning of the word wedding. To cooperate with this atmosphere, readings based on love story of the couple, fostering moments that will never be forgotten by the participants. So the question remains: Have you already chosen the person who will celebrate your wedding? Check out our tips!

Friends and family

This is an option adopted by some couples where a family member or close friend does all the reading at the ceremony. Usually, people are chosen who know the history of the bride and groom intimately, support them and are sure to give a speech with words filled with love🇧🇷 The only thing is that these people generally don’t know the whole step-by-step of the ceremony and can end up stretching their words too much or missing some important moment of the celebration.


Currently there are professionals qualified and experienced when it comes to celebrating a wedding. These people arrange one or more meetings with the bride and groom, listen to their stories and wishes, to describe the couple’s union in a poetic and exciting way. Another great advantage is that rituals such as water or sand can be included, in addition to a universe of details that could never be used in a temple or church.

If you dream of an exclusive, authentic and unforgettable ceremony, discover the work offered by Mauricio Macri, from Eu Caso Voces Celebrações🇧🇷 The celebrant prepares personalized itineraries based on the style, stories, desires, values ​​and characteristics of the bride and groom and their families, creating ceremonies with a relaxed and exciting atmosphere where everyone present feels engaged from start to finish, making it remarkable moment in the couple’s life.

THE Celebrating Anna Paula Rossi is located in Jau, São Paulo, but collaborates in building unforgettable celebrations all over the country. His itineraries are exceptional, always extolling the power of love and respecting the beliefs of the bride and groom, leading to ceremonies exciting, real and perfectly timed. The couple can choose a marriage with or without civil effect, insert personal vows and a wide variety of rituals.

Performing ceremonies in a unique and exclusive way in Sao Paulo, Celebrating Paulo Godoy offers emotion as a central feature in his celebrations, using this suggestion to create a atmosphere of humor, love and romance. The ceremony becomes light, natural and relaxed, where guests experience the love story with the couple. The celebrant’s commitment to the bride and groom and their story is complete, with all necessary assistance and advice.

Walter Sobrinho organize impressive, romantic, poetic, engaging, tailored and personalized celebrations in Brazil and wherever love calls you. A distinctive feature of the celebrant is your beautiful voice, in addition to the composition of ceremonies marked by elegance and the participation of all present in the story of lovebirds. The bride and groom can still choose a celebration with a civil effect and introduce romantic rituals such as sands, foot washing, etc.

the celebrant Michelle Senis lives in the beautiful city but travels all over Brazil telling amazing love stories. Their work consists of building a ceremony for and with the hosts, seeking to understand them dreams, priorities, projects and desires. The professional also likes to talk with people of greater importance to the couple, such as their family and friends, to create a celebration that brings out all their love and essence.

The Rio Celebrant Leandra Zanetperforms bilingual celebrations (Portuguese/English), with or without a civil effect, creating ceremonies that are built together with the couple, as its main goal is each of those present feel drawn into the love story of the hosts🇧🇷 The bride and groom have more or less traditional ceremonies, hetero or homoaffective, which can receive different rituals such as sand, candles, wood, wine, among other options.

If your desire is one a light and emotional ceremony that respects your family’s religious tradition but avoids traditionalismworth knowing the work of Mangefest holiday🇧🇷 Striving to contemplate the love and essence of the bride and groom in every detail of the speech, Jonathan creates the lyrics in a personalized way, with a lot of talent, skill and creativity. His ceremonies are with or without civil effect, and he travels through Brazil to command the most beautiful allied exchanges.

Believing that we all have a soulmate and that fairy tales can come true, Bruna Abifadel created Celebrations for soulmates in 2017 the purpose of spreading love and translating the most beautiful feelings into words that move🇧🇷 This is how he charms couples and their guests and already has nearly 200 celebrations in his curriculum. The celebrant strives to get to know the bride and groom well in order to offer a completely exclusive and differentiated experience on the happiest day of their lives.

Above a decade of experience forever marking a couple’s life with very well-written speeches based on each couple’s history and characteristics🇧🇷 Aguinaldo Pires Holiday is ready to make your ring exchange even more memorable and exciting. Its biggest difference is documenting all parts of the ceremony in a script so that the couple is not surprised on the big day and ensures a perfect celebration from start to finish.

Having as a differential their pair of celebrants – the couple Nilton and Luciana – Verse celebrations specializes in creating wedding ceremonies that manage to express the story and essence of the bride and groom in every detail. The idea is for the celebration to become a recap of the best moments of the couple’s life and their journey down the aisle. Located in Ribeirão Preto (SP), the company offers excellent service from the first contact and a a custom-made ceremony to ensure tears of joy🇧🇷

a priest

Newlyweds affiliated with the Catholic religion, but who want to celebrate their marriage in a different way, find priests to bless them at the place chosen for the big day. In this case, there isn’t the sacrament of marriage, as this can only be done in a Catholic religious enclosure. The priest acts as the celebrant, offering personalized suggestions for the ceremony as desired by the bride and groom.

Be sure to create a script so that the person celebrating your wedding knows exactly what you both want. The same should include total ceremony time, whether other people like parents and grandparents will say a few words, whether there will be any ceremony involved, etc. You may also be interested in Newlyweds of different faiths: learn how to perform the ceremony!🇧🇷 How to personalize your civil wedding: every detail with your style!🇧🇷 6 emotional wedding vows that will inspire you! and Civil Marriage: find out what you need to know to organize your wedding

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