Have you found a scam on OLX? This way you will get your money back and report the scam

Fraudsters use OLX for their illegal activities. They sell a product they don’t have, or they pretend to be interested in an offer to send a fake link. How do you protect yourself and what should you do when you become a victim of cybercrime?

Both those selling on OLX and those looking for attractive offers must be on guard. In the latter case, you may come across a fake seller. The lamp must light for the price. If a popular product is available in an unusually attractive offer, this may be a sign that it is a criminal lure.

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The alarm signal should be a request that all details – both in terms of negotiations and payments – be agreed outside of OLX. It is worth remembering that the website started with the “Shipments from OLX” service. Thanks to that, after purchasing the item, the transaction is protected by OLX, even after receiving and unpacking the shipment. Only when it turns out that the product corresponds to the description does the seller receive the money. But if we do not use this option, we do not run the risk of recovering the money ourselves.

Prepayment or prepayment is associated with high risk

Also, pay more attention in situations where the seller asks you for an express transfer or makes a payment with BLIK. Often, online fraudsters choose this payment method to get money into their accounts faster, notes OLX.

Scammers who pretend to be interested in the subject work in a similar way. They may send you a fake confirmation of payment or a link to the page where we supposedly receive the money for the item. The rule is simple: Do not click on links from people with whom we do business.

Criminals may want to take over our account or data, not only by impersonating sellers or buyers. Messages are often sent where the sender pretends to be an OLX employee. The website emphasizes that website representatives never send messages about an upcoming account ban or ask for a password. You must be careful with e-mails and text messages informing about competitions or late payment. Only a name similar to the real website can reveal criminals. Let’s double check who is messaging us. You can’t see it at first glance, but there is a difference between “olx” and “oIx” (hint: the first “l” is a small L, the second is just the letter I).

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How to report a scam number on OLX?

When we are aware that we have fallen victim to a fraud, it remains to report the matter to the police, specifically at the nearest police station. OLX emphasizes that, due to the Personal Data Protection Act, no data can be passed on to the advertiser. These will be given to the police when they make a written request.

This does not mean that we should not inform OLX about a fake seller. The website asks you to provide the following information:

  • ID of the ad (available in the ad or in correspondence),
  • link to the ad (you can find it in the browser history),
  • Username (visible in correspondence),
  • bank account number to which the transfer was made,
  • any other information you have about the user, such as e.g. phone number or email address (if you contacted outside OLX).

Thanks to this, the website will be able to check the fraudster’s activities and, if necessary, block the fake seller.

How do the police respond to fraud?

The problem is that it is not so simple and easy to explain the matter. The key is the cooperation with the police and the bank itself, which in certain cases – for example if we have ordered a transfer – can stop the money transfer.

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– Time is of great importance. In the case of authorized bank transactions, a quick decision allows you to block funds. In case of an equally quick notification of a crime, money can be secured and, as a result, also recovered – said lawyer Bartosz Grube in an interview with Spider’s Web.

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Have you found a scam on OLX? This way you will get your money back and report the scam

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