HBO Max is also increasing the subscription price

HBO Max is another streaming service that has decided to increase its subscription to its users. Who will pay more in the near future?

HBO Max will be more expensive, for now in North America

It can be said that they haven’t played it yet. In the case of HBO Max, this is the first increase in subscriptions in history, which, however, fits perfectly with what we have been seeing in the industry in recent months. The operators of almost all VOD platforms have decided to demand higher prices from their users.

The good news for us is that for now we are talking about hiking in the US and Canada. Currently, users there pay $14.99 per month, after the changes they will have to prepare for a cost of $15.99 per month. Owners of HBO Max [Warner Bros. Discovery – przyp. red.] of course they have a justification that sounds nice.

“This $1 price increase will allow us to continue to invest and deliver even more culture-defining programming, improving the quality of experience we provide to all customers.”

How much does HBO Max cost in Poland?

So should we be concerned in any way? Yes of course. After all, it’s no secret that changes most often start abroad, but arrive in our region with a delay. The same happened in the case of the increase of other VOD services.

HBO Max is currently priced at PLN 29.99 per month or PLN 234.99 if you choose to pay a full year’s subscription in advance.

Warner Bros. Discovery has been in a mess around the streaming platform lately. Although it is actually new, it should change its name any moment after connecting to Discovery+. It was expected that the new price list would be presented after this event, but as you can see it happened earlier.

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