HBO Max price increase. Customers will not be happy with this turn of events

Sad news for HBO Max subscribers. Not only has a lot of content disappeared from the catalog recently, but the service is also getting more expensive. Fortunately: currently not in Poland.

Recent quarters have not been kind to VOD platforms. Regardless of which one we are talking about – the lion’s share is doing everything in its power to stay afloat and not alienate users. But the amount of cases that have recently piled up around HBO Max may prove to be too devastating for existing users.

Removal of wholesale content and icing on the cake – salary increase

Looking more broadly at HBO Max’s recent moves, I think some users will be a bit jaded and consider breaking up with the platform. After hundreds of classic cartoons and the beloved Westworld series disappeared from their catalog without much notice – the price of a subscription is going up. This is more of a symbolic price increase – it is only one dollar (thus increasing the price from $14.99 to $15.99 per month). But despite everything, looking at how it looks with the competition, you can expect to see more soon. Interestingly, there are no similar increases in the plan with ads still priced at $9.99.

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The $1 price increase will allow us to continue investing in delivering software that further defines culture and improving the customer experience for all users.

From our perspective, it is fortunate that these increases relate to the US market. In Poland, the price of HBO Max remains unchanged at the moment. And if you don’t use the platform, it’s worth paying attention – the long-awaited premiere of The Last of Us series is coming!

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