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There was a boy named Marcos who lived a pretty chaotic life. He was an inveterate womanizer and was in a relationship with two women at the same time, but he had never thought about the consequences of his actions.

On the one hand, Valeria, an intelligent and ambitious girl who worked as a lawyer in a large law firm. On the other hand, there was Daniela, a sweet and loving young medical student.

Marcos couldn’t decide between the two, and while he tried to keep them from finding out about each other, it was getting harder and harder. But one night everything changed.

Valeria had long suspected that there was someone else in Marcos’ life and decided to follow him when he left his apartment. He followed him to Daniela’s apartment and discovered the truth there.

Valeria confronted Marcos and demanded an explanation. Then he confessed to her that he had seen both women at the same time.

Valeria was devastated, she couldn’t believe that the man she loved had been so unfaithful and worse, the woman Marcos was cheating on her with was her own cousin. However, Daniela was unaware of any of this and Marcos decided to keep her out of the situation.

But what no one could have foreseen was that Daniela would become pregnant by Marcos. Everything seemed perfect when the baby was born, but soon after, Daniela died from complications during childbirth.

Marcos then found himself with a newborn daughter and no one to take care of her. He then decided to take care of her, despite all the difficulties involved.

He had to quit his job and devote himself entirely to the baby, which forced him to suddenly grow up. But the hardest thing was explaining to Valeria what happened.

She felt betrayed again, but seeing how much Marcos had changed and how well he was taking care of his daughter, she decided to forgive him.

Marcos learned the lesson the hard way, but thanks to his daughter and Valeria, he grew into a responsible and dedicated person, and he knew he would never repeat his mistakes again.

Over time, Sara managed to completely overcome her disorder and her relationship with Luis grew even stronger. They had been through a difficult time together, but they had managed to get through it and now they were happier than ever. Sara would always be grateful to Luis for not letting her down in her most difficult moment and for loving her unconditionally.

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