Heavy rains left at least 42 dead in eight Brazilian states

Inmet warns of storms, accompanied by wind chills during the last week of 2022; in São Paulo, the risk remains until Friday, the 30th

Replay/Twitter/@Bombeiros_MGAction of firefighters after the landslide
The landslide in the town of Antônio Dias, in Minas Gerais, affected four houses and caused three deaths

The heavy rains that hit Brazil in recent weeks, until this Tuesday, 27, at least 42 dead in eight states. The deaths occurred in bahia🇧🇷 The Holy Spirit🇧🇷 Minas Gerais🇧🇷 Money🇧🇷 Rio de Janeiro🇧🇷 Sergipe🇧🇷 Santa Catarina is on São Paulo🇧🇷 There is so far one fatal victim in the territory of Bahia. In addition, 24,923 people were displaced, meaning they were forced to leave their homes, and 2,220 were left homeless. Bahia is the state with the highest number of municipalities affected by heavy rains, with 111. Espírito Santo recorded two deaths. According to information released by the state government on Monday, 26,1243 people remained homeless and 495 homeless. Minas Gerais, on the other hand, had the highest number of deaths by early Tuesday night: 13. Including, in one of the most recent cases, Civil defense reported that three women were found dead after a landslide hit four houses during the early hours of Sunday, the 25th, in the municipality of Antonio Dias, in the valley of the Rio Doce. The state also has 7,407 displaced people and 1,507 homeless. Like Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina recorded a high number of deaths due to storms. In total, 11 deaths were confirmed by the last day 20. In Parana, two people died due to heavy rains – 165 are displaced and at least 13 homeless. Two other deaths were recorded in the state of Sergipe.

In Rio de Janeiro, storms left at least four fatalities. In São Paulo, the country’s largest state, six deaths have so far been recorded, 367 people have been displaced and 17 displaced. The State Civil Defense announced the alert for heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning, hail and strong wind gusts starting this Tuesday, the 27th. According to the agency, the storm alert remains until Friday, the 30th. National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) The Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast regions of the country are expected to be hit by heavy rainfall, accompanied by wind gusts during the last week of 2022. In the Northeast, rainfall should be more isolated in the eastern part of the region. In the south of the country, the rain should only last until Friday, with sunshine prevailing in the final days of the year. High temperatures will continue in the Northern region, with the possibility of rain in the late afternoon.

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