Heckenbrand at Werne was much more explosive than expected

Monday night’s firefighter operation initially looked like a typical warm-up operation: “The Hedge is on fire.” But on the ground, the whole thing seemed much more menacing.

On Monday evening, July 18, 2022, at 9:22 p.m., fire engine 1 (city center) of the Werne volunteer fire brigade was alerted to a suspected fence fire on Thünen Street in Werne. The mission keyword was: “FEUER_2 – burn fence”.

The scene is more reminiscent of a forest fire zone in southern Europe than Hansaring in Werne. © Werne Fire Brigade

But already in Hansaring, the rescuers noticed a strong development of smoke in the embankment area in the oncoming traffic. Since the flames were already several meters high and about 15 meters long on the embankment or there in the under grass, the first emergency fire engine turned at the intersection Hansaring / Stockumer Straße and returned to Hansaring and stopped at the level of the playground .

The fire department extinguished the fire with two breathing protection teams with a quick attack from the emergency fire department. [1-HLF20] away. The quick intervention of the fire service prevented further damage and spread to the crops. The fire engine crew set up a hydrant and fed the water there.

A rescue vehicle in Werne
The rescue service was also on duty at Hansaring as a precaution. © Werne Fire Brigade

The fire area was checked with the thermal camera for embers in the crops and tree tops. After handing over the place to the police, the operation was stopped. 17 emergency services with four vehicles, the rescue service and the police from Werne were deployed. The end of the mission was at 22:30.

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