Heineken signs partnership to neutralize CO2 in its advertising campaigns

HYPR, an O2O platform, together with Climatech Moss, has developed a business model that enables the neutralization of CO2 emissions from digital advertising through blockchain carbon credits. With the support of the iProspect agency, about 310 tons of CO2 were neutralized, which is more than 44,000 preserved trees, and it refers to the campaign Heineken Green Your Citybroadcast on multiple digital channels from October to December 2022.

Created to accommodate projects in the fields of sustainability and culture, the Green Your City platform has commitments that include the pillars of more sustainable cities, circular economy and responsible consumption, and encompasses the brand’s four main sustainability goals until 2030:

  • Renewable energy: 50% of Heineken outlets in 19 capital cities will have renewable energy by 2030. The brand acts as a bridge and multiplier in the conversion to sustainable energy sources;
  • Circularity: 80% of Heineken’s glass packaging will be circular by 2030. Implement a circular economy system for packaging, especially for bottles long necksit is a priority obligation for the brand;
  • Microforests: In partnership with the Floresta de Bolso project, Heineken® will plant urban microforests in 19 of the country’s capital cities by 2030. Green pockets will work together to improve air quality, climate maintenance, flood control and native biome regeneration;
  • Responsible consumption: Since 2010, Heineken has invested 10% of all its Marketing in actions of responsible consumption. The launch of Heineken 0.0 represents a strong impetus for this behavioral change. And by 2030, efforts will be multiplied so that no consumer gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking Heineken.

For this reason, the company started looking for partners with the same goals in its value chain – including digital advertising. Through the agency iProspect, HYPR and Moss calculated the CO2 emissions related to the campaign green your city on digital channels, neutralizing this impact through carbon credits that benefit Amazon forest conservation projects.

According to Lucas Callile, media director at iProspect, “the goal of the initiative is to generate a positive impact on the advertising industry, through the adoption of new work processes that consider sustainability as a business premise. Our industry is playing a key role in the transformation process for advertisers, and iProspect will continue to work to build a better future for generations to come.”

Melina Domingos, Head of Sustainability Strategy and Culture for the Heineken brand, says:

“The Green Your City platform leads Heineken’s main campaigns. We have ambitious sustainability goals and, in order to achieve them, this work model that reflects our environmental responsibility runs through all aspects of the projects, including taking care of the positive impact of our campaigns.”

An issue

Globally, major brands in consumer goods, cosmetics, automobiles, among other industries, are already working to measure and neutralize CO2 emissions. In addition to the efforts of the industrial and logistics areas, marketing teams are now also challenged to map the extent of 3 emissions from media operations, in order to reduce this impact.

In the milliseconds it takes for a digital ad to appear, dozens of companies are chatting to calculate which ad to deliver to each person.

According to Cesar Moura, Director of HYPR:

“In the digital media buying process, multiple servers come into play, working to determine which ad to deliver to each person, spending current feed this long value chain. To put the scale of the problem in perspective, the NYSE, the US stock exchange, currently processes between 3 and 6 billion transactions a day. The digital advertising ecosystem generates 100x more volume.”

How does it work?

HYPR uses a methodology that calculates and measures greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from an advertiser’s digital media plan and indicates the amount needed to neutralize the impact.

Based on the analysis, companies can offset CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits, where each unit represents a ton of greenhouse gases that are no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

As of March 2020, Moss and its clients have secured more than 4 million carbon credits that have helped conserve approximately 650 million trees in the Amazon through internationally certified and audited projects.

Luis Adaime, founder and CEO of Moss, says:

“We believe in a market-based solution to mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming. An advanced market for carbon credits contributes to sustainable development, and Brazil has the duty and privilege to be a natural world leader in this sector.”

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