Heinz gives a boat to a man who survived 24 days at sea eating ketchup

A man lost at sea for 24 days survived by eating ketchup and using ketchup packaging to drink water. Heinz, the ketchup brand, heard about it and, sensitive, announced that he would present the boy with a brand new boat.

Elvis Francois, a resident of the small island of Dominica, was near the island between France and Holland when he was taken by sea to the coast of Colombia. To quench his thirst, he said he drank dirty water he found on board and collected rainwater.

“I had no food. It was just a bottle of ketchup that was on the boat, garlic powder and vegetable stock, so I mixed it all with a little bit of water,” he said.

24 days alone

Francois spent 24 days alone at sea, jumping, until he was found off the coast of Colombia.

“Twenty-four days without land and no one to talk to. I didn’t know what to do, where I was, it was very difficult. At some point I lost hope, but I thought about my family,” Francois said.

The man said he did not have much knowledge of sailing and when he was hit by the sea, he was unable to maneuver the boat back to shore. Francois was rescued after the aircraft saw the word “help” on the hull of his sailboat, according to information provided by the Colombian military.

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Heinz Terrace

What Francois didn’t know is that the ketchup would later land him a new boat.

Heinz, the North American giant of the food business, the same brand of ketchup used by him, after learning about the adventure, launched a campaign on social media to find the boy and give him a new boat.

“We will introduce you to a new, ultra-modern boat,” the company’s representatives announced.

Heinz thanked the support shown on social networks in the search to contact the boy.

“We were able to contact him and discuss the best way to help him and his family. We are working together to resolve the logistical issues and deliver Francois his new ship,” Heinz said through his representatives.

After being rescued, François was transferred to the city of Cartagena, where he received medical care.

After being rescued, Elvis Francois underwent a series of tests to reveal the sequelae of the 24 days of isolation. He is doing well. – Photo: Colombian Navy/AFP/Getty Images.

Elvis Francois will win a new boat from Heinz.  Photo: Reproduction/Outside.

Elvis Francois will win a new boat from Heinz, the maker of Ketchup – Photo. Reproduction/Outside:

According to The Guardian

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