Hemocenter collects blood in Gama on Women’s Day

The Women’s Entrepreneur Fair will offer yoga classes, massages, blood pressure readings and blood glucose testing, among other activities.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Blood Center Foundation of Brazil (FHB) is promoting another external blood drive this Wednesday (8) in Gama. At the event, the mobile unit of the Blood Center will serve men and women who wish to participate in the action, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in front of the city’s regional administration. Service will be on a first-come, first-served basis without an appointment.

During the campaign, Fonte de Luz Social Institute will host a Women Entrepreneurs Fair from 10am, with free activities and services such as yoga, massage, reiki, pilates, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose testing, auriculotherapy, aerobic dance and more. gypsy, origami workshop, workbench, raffles and bouncy house.

For FHB President Osney Okumoto, the celebration of International Women’s Day is also an opportunity for the institution to remember the importance of its blood donors and multipliers. “Every time the blood center needs donations, we notice that women join the cause because they have a strong sense of solidarity. Thanks to this attitude, we have been able to support and spread the culture of blood donation,” he emphasizes.

In the last two years, the number of women wishing to donate blood at the Blood Center has increased by 4.6%. “Women have more interventions for donation, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and a longer interval between donations than men. In addition, social issues such as motherhood and double shifts also interfere with their available time, so we need to appreciate this gesture,” emphasizes Kelly Barbee, Manager of Fundraising, Enrollment and Donor Leadership.

Cellular unity

With an investment of R$ 2.4 million, the mobile unit enables the collection of blood in different regions of the DF from the transport of the multidisciplinary team from the blood center with a bus adapted and equipped to receive donors. The unit can handle up to 100 blood draws per day.

The bus keeps bags of blood collected throughout the day at the right temperature to process up to four different blood components (parts of blood transfused into patients), as is the case with donations made at the facility’s headquarters. The Blood Center confirms that a donation can save up to four lives.


Donate blood

To donate blood, you must be between 16 and 69 years old, weigh more than 51 kg and be healthy. For those who have had surgery, an endoscopy or have recently been ill, it is recommended that you refer to the Blood Center website to find out if you can donate blood.

Influenza patients must wait 15 days after symptoms disappear before they can donate blood. Those who have had Covid-19 should wait 10 days after the end of symptoms until there are no sequelae. In case of being asymptomatic, the period is counted from the date of collection of the examination. Those who have been in contact with a person diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19 within the last seven days are prohibited from donating blood for seven days after the last contact with that person.

External blood collection of the Hemocentro Foundation of Brazil
– When: March 8, from 9 am
– Where: in front of the Gama Regional Governor’s Office


Women Entrepreneurs Fair
– When: March 8, from 10 o’clock
– Where: in front of the Gama Regional Governor’s Office

According to Agência Brasilia

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