Here is a Samsung smartphone with a 30,000 mAh battery!

Today’s smartphones offer many features and incredibly efficient components. Often the only problem with modern devices is battery life. A modder decided to solve it in a rather unusual way and equipped the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with a battery with a capacity of up to 30,000 mAh. Yes, I didn’t get the number of zeros wrong.

Galaxy A32 5G on steroids

If you’re not familiar with this model, here’s a quick reminder. 5G smartphone Samsung Galaxy A32, which at the time of its premiere two years ago cost about PLN 1,200 and thus was the cheapest smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer equipped with a 5G module. On board was a MediaTek Dimensity 720, 4GB of RAM, a 6.5-inch IPS TFT display and battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh.

A review of the Galaxy A32 5G appeared on our website, which confirmed that when it comes to battery life, the device does really well – the result of two days of work on a single charge was achievable. That’s a really solid result, but Reddit user u/Downtown_Cranberry44 decided to dramatically extend the runtime of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G by increasing the battery capacity six times, to 30,000 mAh. He succeeded and boasted about the effects of his work on the Internet.

Now it’s a Samsung “brick” model

For his Galaxy A32 5G-based build, the modder uses Samsung 50e battery cells, which can be purchased in the US for around $5 (~22 zlotys) each. So it is not difficult to calculate that the cost of the cells themselves was not too high. However, the man combined them into one huge battery, resulting in a whopping 30,000 mAh.

See for yourself that it does not look good and the smartphone looks like a brick, but the solution itself works. The device has also lost much of its mobility, as the creator now claims its weight is about 1 pound, or 0.45 kg.

Since the original Samsung battery was enough for 2 days of work on a single charge, the smartphone after such modifications should last well over a week. Of course, this is a purely hobby solution and created as part of the fun, but nevertheless this result is impressive. A full charge of such a large battery takes 7 hours.

The creator of this solution went crazy and the converted Samsung Galaxy A32 5G also includes two USB-A output ports for charging other devices, as well as USB-C, micro USB and Lightning inputs.

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