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Here’s How the Yankees Can Have the Perfect Deadline for Trading

Many fans and analysts believe the New York Yankees should be making a huge business for Washington native Juan Soto. However, the team needs much more than just one player to improve its chances in the World Championship.

Soto would provide incredible attacking value, but the Yankees’ core issue has only been rumored over the past few years. Finding another quality start to pair up with Gerrit Cole is just what the Yankees need. Soto will undoubtedly be a monster gain but he won’t be dealing with many situations that deal with fatigue midway through the season.

How can the Yankees have an ideal trading deadline:

1.) SB Luis Castillo

The Yankees will have to give up 5-6 of their best prospects to take over Soto, but it will likely require Cincinnati Reds starter Luis Castillo Oswald Perazza and a few other decent prospects.

Castillo is the legitimate ace who will be behind Gerrit Cole. This is a baffling post-season duo. At 29, he has another year of team control and is set to become a free agent in 2024. He currently hosts 2.77 ERAs over 78 innings this season. With three seasons offering over 169 innings, he has plenty of experience in heavy use, which is a huge benefit to the Yankees.

Castillo hosts 75.3% left on base rate, globe average 48.5%, and an impressively low 7.7% HR/FB. Boasting a fast 97-mph ball split between 4 seams and plunges, it’s exactly the kind of shooter that Matt Blake would love to spin.

2.) By Andrew Benintende

Despite concerns about Andrew Benintende’s vaccination status, Mark Finsand stated that the Yankees were “serious competitors” for the defensive player. The 28-year-old left-footed player has scored 0.318 this season with a 39% on base rate and 0.400 slowdown. It features a 10.5% walk rate and a 13.7% strike rate.

Benintendi is about the average player but offers tremendous value in the batting box. His ability to stay at the base and rise to the top in high-level situations is very tempting. Given that it’s a half-year lease before becoming a free agent, the Yankees won’t have to break the bank for it.

3.) RHP Anthony Bass

With Michael King breaking his right elbow, the Yankees need to make a big move. Anthony Bass, a 34-year-old tenant, is emerging as a potential fit. The Yankees and Miami Marlins have succeeded in executing deals in the past. Bass has had a great season over 40.2 rounds.

Gas hosts a 1.33 ERA with 8.85 strokes-per-nine, 82% on base rate, and globe average 38%. His 2.3% HR/FB is impressive, using the fastball, sliding, and split-toed fastball. His plunger throws 26.9% of the time, primarily known to be a heavy-duty relief arm/slide.

In general, Yankees will trade for two renters, which means that it will not be very expensive to acquire them. The big player is Castillo, who immediately improves the starting rotation.

While Soto remains a very attractive commercial target, the Yankees are able to kill three birds with one stone in the trade deadline rather than selling the farm to the single player.

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