Herring gives birth to the invisible journey of women

Campaign signed by Ginga Agency

Hering’s new campaign exposes the everyday situation of several women: invisible work that has consequences far beyond economic issues.

Aiming to shine a light on women’s grueling journey, the brand raises questions like, “If grooming is essential, why isn’t anyone seeing it?” “If no one sees, how can one appreciate?” – “Invisible” printed phrases on the cover of the world that become visible when changing from normal light to black light.

The campaign is signed by Ginga agency.

Starring Gabriela Prioli, Larissa Luz and four Hering employees Manu Passos, Marcela Castellano, Tatiana Guimarez and Silvana Souza, the brand emphasizes that there are a number of tasks to be completed in addition to paid work. out on a daily basis.

Among them, home and family care, which are usually assigned to women as feminine responsibilities, and which bring mental and physical strain, in addition to being unrecognized as other working days.


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