Hide your Tinder profile from people you don’t like

The popular dating app introduces the option to make your account invisible to unwanted people, but this option is hidden behind a paid subscription.

Browsing Tinder silently

Tinder is perhaps the most popular dating app on the market, and it’s constantly introducing various new features to make it more attractive to users looking for a crush (for example, it introduced online blind dating a year ago). If you haven’t had the chance (or desire… or reason) to check out this app yet, you can check out our article on how to navigate Tinder.

In general, the situation is such that based on our data that we have entered into the application, the algorithm selects for us a series of recommended partners with whom we might want to talk or meet. It’s a kind of two-way exchange, because people who are recommended to us get a recommendation along with our photo and description. However, the app announced that as of now “incognito mode” will be available on it.which will hide us from unwanted interlocutors. If we don’t like someone’s profile, they won’t get our recommendation, and we will only be visible to “liked” profiles.

Anonymity is not free

Unfortunately, the free version of Tinder will not have this option. We can only completely hide your profile in the app for free, which means you won’t be shown to anyone and won’t receive new referrals. To access “incognito mode” you must have one of Tiner’s paid subscriptions, i.e Plus, Gold or platinum.

But if you don’t intend to pay a subscription, the app will now allow you to block certain contacts from appearing on your channel. This will be useful for people who would like to remove their ex or work colleague from the list of potential watchers. In addition, several other improvements have been introduced in the free version, such as the option to long press the offending login message or warnings that display the message “Are you sure?” when you want to send a message that contains phrases that are inappropriate, according to Tinder. However, when we decide to send such a message, the recipient will ask “Do you mind this?”. In this way, the application will somehow automatically moderate conversations between strangers. Do you think it will be good for Tinder users?

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