Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding will not be another failed adaptation

Hideo Kojima will share a slow dose of new news about the recently announced movie “Death Stranding”. The Japanese developer is not aiming for “another” failed adaptation of the game”, but for a unique cinematic experience that will expand the universe known to players.

The topic of the project was raised in an interview conducted by IGN on the occasion of the opening of the new Kojima Productions office. The creator will present in itśśśś;śś&scan;&l;&s;&n;&n;&n;&n;&n;&n;&n;&n;&s;;’;s;s; pretty mediocre projections.

The failure of film adaptations of games some time ago led to the creation of many productions aimed at gamers, right?said Kojima.Zatołaš’s videos look almost exactly like games. I don’t want “Death Stranding” to end like this&lstro;o&lstro;o. Instead, take an approach based on changing and developing the game world in a way that suits the character of the film“.

Let games remain games. No need to turn them into movies. For this reason, ‘Death Stranding’ will go in a direction that no film adaptation has gone before. I have a feeling that I should create something that will inspire people to become&egogon; creators” – we read on.

Who doesn’t care if the movie becomes a hit blockbuster full of explosions and famous faces. He prefers a more artistic approach, which – as we read – can only be guaranteed by cooperation with Alex Lebovici – co-producer of the project.

We recently received the “Death Stranding” announcement. Let us remind you that the Hammerstone studio is responsible for financing the project, and the aforementioned Lebovici are at the helm. Roleogon; executive producers fullłnią while Hideo Kojima and Allan Ungar. The release date of the complicated production will still remain unknown.

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