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High Level 6 Warning for severe thunderstorms, hail and lightning Wednesday

A high-level 6 warning for severe thunderstorms, hail and excessive lightning was issued for those parts of the country on Wednesday.

Level 6 advanced weather warning issued for Wednesday

The South Australian Bureau of Meteorology (SAWS) has warned that conditions are expected to start in the early hours of Wednesday and continue until midday.

It also warned that the following could occur during these weather conditions:

  • Roads, settlements and low-lying areas were flooded, closing some bridges and roads.
  • lots of small hail
  • Excessive lightning caused in populated areas can damage vehicles and damage structures.
  • Strong wind damage to informal/formal houses or structures in populated areas.

The following regions will be affected on Wednesday

The following areas will be affected by the level 6 weather warning:

  • Phymatidae
  • Tabazimbi
  • Modimolle/Mookgopong – Valwater/Valwater
  • bella bella

SAWS advises the public to stay indoors and away from metal objects as much as possible.

“Postpone or delay travel arrangements. If in vulnerable low-lying areas, secure valuables by placing them on a table or cupboard. Keep in touch with your local disaster manager or council chief, or listen to the radio for the latest news .”


High Level 6 warning for severe thunderstorms, hail and lightning for Wednesday Photo: SAWS

Level 2 warning issued for more parts of SA

Meanwhile, a Category 2 weather alert was issued for these parts of the country on Wednesday:

  • Bloomberg/All Day
  • Polokwane – Moletji / Moletji
  • molecule / dendrite
  • Polokwane – Moletji / Moletji
  • Lepele-Nkumpi / Mogoto
  • Modimolle/Mookgopong – Mookgopong / Mookgopong
  • Ephraim Mogale / Marble Hall
  • Dr JS Moroka / Nokaneng
  • Makhuduthamaga / Makhuduthamaga / Jane Firth

It warned that a large number of small hailstones and excessive lightning could cause localized property damage. Strong winds are also expected.

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Here are some tips for protecting your car during hailstorms

Tips for avoiding hail damage to your car.

  • Drive Slow – Driving slowly minimizes hail damage and helps with slippery roads.
  • If safe, immediately find a safe, covered area or pull over under an overpass.
  • Underground parking lots at malls and gas stations are good temporary solutions for protecting your car during a hail storm.
  • Stay in the car. Large hailstones can cause damage.
  • Keep a fleece blanket in your trunk so you can cover your car to minimize the impact of hail.
  • Pay close attention to the extent of the damage to the car, looking for damage to all glasswork, including mirrors, taillights, and headlights. Taking pictures may be useful.
  • If you are affected by hail, report it to your insurance company immediately.

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