H&M's fury makes women feel "vulnerable" with gender-neutral wardrobes.Entertainment 

H&M’s fury makes women feel “vulnerable” with gender-neutral wardrobes.

H&M has been condemned for making customers feel “vulnerable” by having gender-neutral dressing rooms in all its stores.

The clothing giant, which is popular with teenage girls and younger women, says its “fitting rooms are for everyone” and aims to be “inclusive”.


H&M has been slammed for making customers feel ‘vulnerable’ with gender-neutral dressing rooms in all its stores

But critics say women would be afraid to change clothes when males are around.

Our reporter visited the Swedish firm’s three-story store in Kent’s Bluewater Shopping Center and when she asked a staff member if there were rooms for men or women, the staff member replied: “It’s for everyone.”

The rooms only have a curtain for privacy, with a gap at the bottom about a foot and a half, rather than a door with a lock.

Customer Maisie Marshall, 19, said: “I avoid trying on clothes at H&M because of it.

“I feel vulnerable stripping with men doing the same just a few feet away.

Other stores, such as Primark, have gendered wardrobes.

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe fumed: “Women don’t want to be stripped down to their underwear and maybe have a man wander in there.

“It’s political correctness at the expense of common sense.”

H&M said: “Our fitting rooms are for everyone and our customers should always feel welcome.”

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