Hogwarts Legacy with graphics mods on consoles. There are details

Warner Bros. Games has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will follow the trends and get different graphics modes for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

After yesterday’s update, the hardware requirement for the PC version has also been changed; technical support with details about consoles. However, it is not very detailed&lstro&zdo;becauseż only two options are listed, and there will obviously be more.

“Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S supports a number of graphics modes, the most popular of which are Quality Mode, which runs at 30 frames per second, and Performance Mode, which targets 60 FPS” – the message said, without revealing the remaining possibilities.

In addition, we know the production on the mentioned consoles it will get support for variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. on TVs that support this solution. This option allows you to adjust the refresh rate to the number of frames per second and reduce stuttering on crashes.

In other Hogwarts Legacy hardware news: the game is now on release day it will be fully compatible with Steam Deck devices. Warner Bros. Games will verify the user’s information on Twitterin response to a player’s query.

It is worth remembering that the title is also coming to older consoles, albeit at a later date. The release date for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X is February 10, for PS4 and Xbox One – April 4, and for Nintendo Switch – July 25.

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