Home remedies to prevent slipping on icy pavements. Check out the patents for slippery shoes that will prevent falls

If your winter boots don’t have the right soles, you can have an accident. All you need is an icy pavement and a moment of inattention. See how to fix shoes so they don’t slip. These patents will also work on the dance floor.


Winter time is not the time to walk in high-heeled shoes. Not only high heels are dangerous in this period, walking on icy and snowy roads in shoes with flat soles can also lead to accidents. Check out the home remedies that will ensure the comfort of walking in your favorite shoes even in winter.

One way to keep your winter boots from slipping on ice is to tape them with bandages. Note: they must be fabric, not smooth plastic. It is enough to arrange them in parallel lines or in the shape of the letter X. This method is one of the cheaper patents, but it is not long-lasting. Patches, especially during rain and winter, can come off very quickly. Therefore, use this trick only temporarily and when necessary.

Make sure you don’t have silicone in your home. This product will not only seal the shower cabin, but also prevent it from tipping over in the snow. All you have to do is cover the soles of the shoes that you previously cleaned of dirt. A small amount of product is enough to create anti-slip pads that can save you from breaking your leg or arm. From a thin line of silicone, draw irregular patterns or patterns on the sole. Wait for it to dry and only then you can go out in such shoes.

Another trick for slippery soles is to sand them with sandpaper and then spray them with hairspray. This patent will also work in the case of slippery floors in interiors. When sanding the surface of the sole with sandpaper, do it very carefully so as not to damage the shoes.

If you don’t have the time or desire to try home remedies for slippery shoes, go to a cobbler. The expert will fit your shoes with special rubber soles that have special grooves. This will give your shoes a much better fit. Also, ask your cobbler to replace the heel tips, which are made of rubber. Shoe stores have sole stickers that you can stick on yourself. However, do not forget to clean the soles and degrease them before installation.

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