Hope is the word of the year 2022 chosen by Brazilians

Consultancy CAUSE carried out a statistical survey, in collaboration with the Instituto de Pesquisa Ideia, specialized in public opinion, and reveals that the word of the year 2022 chosen by Brazilians is “hope”.

In the 7th edition of the study, the term “hope” was the most commented on among the 1,200 respondents in this year’s survey, followed by “disappointment” and “difficulty”, both tied for second place in respondents’ preferences. In the 2021 edition, the word “vaccine” was chosen because it was at the top of the tongue of the Brazilian population, as it was a period marked by the progress of vaccination against Covid-19. And this is an important factor to understand that people are waiting for better days.

Leandro Machado, partner at CAUSE, comments:

“The victory of the word ‘hope’ happened in a narrow way, and this helps to explain the Brazilian’s vision in relation to the year ending. The runner-up, ‘disappointment’, completes the picture of this polarized period in Brazil’s history. It is indisputable: political division has even reached the choice of the word of the year.”

The traditional survey that is conducted every year has the mission of understanding the spirit of the times, that is, understanding the feelings of citizens, expressed in one word, while encouraging discussion and reflection on society’s concerns and focuses in the year that begins.


A group of experts invited by CAUSE chose eight words that would best define the year 2022. At the same time, the survey listened to 1,200 respondents, by telephone, in all regions of Brazil, between November 4 and 9. The margin of error is up to 3 percentage points, more or less than the results found in the total sample. In the end, the organizers combined the words most quoted by experts and the public to choose the word of the year for 2022.

By choosing the word “hope” to define the year 2022, it is possible to see that people are inclined towards political movements in 2023, as they want changes that can bring improvements to the scenario the country is facing. Along with hope, disillusionment, and hardship, other words were mentioned that made up the 2022 finalist list: confusion, overcoming, polarization, democracy, relief, division, Amazon, and complexity.

Cila Schulman, vice president of the research institute Ideia, explains:

“The choice of the word Esperança represents the belief that Brazilians are recovering after two years of significant losses due to the pandemic and after experiencing very polarized elections, but it also indicates an act of simply expecting something different in what is to come. In this sense, it dialogues with the election of 2018, immediately after the presidential elections, on that occasion Change, a word that can mean something negative or positive, depending on the change that took place. The word Hope is still an evolution of the negative choices from the past two years, Difficulties (2019) and Grief (2020). In other words, after years of being lean cows, Brazilians are renewing their faith to move forward, despite the anxiety and risks that life offers.”

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