Houses for 1 euro. Do you want to live cheaply in Japan, Italy, Greece? Be careful, there is a catch

Houses for 1 euro or 1 dollar, contrary to appearance, are not a joke. In some countries, such offers do appear, but there is one catch related to the renovation. Find out what the ads for houses for 1 euro are about and how these properties are offered.


  • Houses for 1 euro or 1 dollar really exist. Why are they so cheap?
  • Why is it profitable for the authorities to sell a house for 1 euro? There is a catch

Extremely cheap houses are waiting for new owners, for example in sunny Sicily, in the green Japanese countryside and by a beautiful lake in Switzerland. It seems that selling a house for 1 euro or 1 dollar is an absurd decision. After all, no building is worth that little. However, it is important to remember that real estate value is relative. If the facility does not find buyers for years and just falls into disrepair, creating costs, it could pay off for the owner to dispose of it.

Cases of houses being sold for 1 euro or similar low amounts have been known for several years, for example from Italy, Greece, Great Britain and the United States, but they usually have a slightly different reason. It is about reviving dying cities and, at the same time, saving abandoned buildings from decay.

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