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How a supporting character saved Terry Crews from bankruptcy and changed his life forever / Unbelievable

There are characters from cinematic productions who steal the show, whether they are protagonists or not. Terry Crews was able to gain widespread acclaim after bringing Latrell to life The white chickens. He also became the face of countless memes thanks to this role. However, his road to success was not easy. That’s why today we want to share your story, full of downs, but just as much of struggle and perseverance.

Terry Crews before fame

Terry’s story begins on July 30, 1968. His childhood was not covered in roses as his father was an abuser. In fact, he began training to acquire the muscular physique that characterizes him today as a means of survival. He commented that he felt the need to protect his mother from a young age, so he felt he had to prepare for this role.

Still, despite his difficult childhood, Terry won an art scholarship to college and later an athletic scholarship to the NFL. It was during this time that he met Rebecca King, the love of his life, whom he married. They have been together for over 30 years and are the parents of five children.

However, his career as a professional player was short and did not bring him the desired success. In fact, Terry was selling hand-painted portraits of his teammates and bringing home a little extra cash in the process.

Then he decided to move to Los Angeles and try to find a job in the entertainment industry. However, he did not think about acting and never believed that he would devote himself to this craft. Instead, I would like to work “behind the scenes”, as a special effects director or even as an illustrator of cartoons.

He is slowly starting to enter the world of acting.

“My transition into acting was out of sheer necessity,” comments Terry. After moving to Los Angeles and seeing his plans fall through again, he ran out of money and began doing all kinds of odd jobs to support his family, from working as a security guard to cleaning.

Faced with this difficult situation, one of his friends suggested that he audition for a new program called Battle dome and, knowing nothing of acting, got the part of one of the wrestlers in the show.

Although the show was cancelled, this experience helped him realize that acting was what he really wanted to do. However, for about two years he could not find another acting job. His big break didn’t come until 2004, but until then he only managed to appear in commercials and as extras in movies.

And one day Terry Crews became a household name in Hollywood.

Before testing for the whites, Terry tried to get a part in a show, but his nerves got in the way. So when he turned to casting of the film, after it failed, he felt no pressure as he no longer cared whether he did well or not. This carefree attitude earned him the role of Latrell Spencerbillionaire American football player.

However, his charisma ended up endearing him to the entire film crew. His audition was so good that the director gave him complete creative freedom to play Latrell. “It was the first time I felt completely confident as an actor,” he said. “I actually did the car scene for the song Thousands of miles with only one take.”

The director was not the only one who noticed Terry’s great talent. The actors who played Kevin and Marcus in the film said that when they saw him improvise the shirtless dance with the whistle in his mouth in one of the scenes, they were sure they had cast the right person. After all, Terry brought a unique touch to his character.

When the movie was released, her life changed forever. Terry, who until then had struggled to make a name for himself in Hollywood, now had lines of fans waiting to take pictures with him or get an autograph when he went out to eat.

Before and after in your life

NPA/The Grosby Group/EAST NEWS

Certainly without Terry Crews, the whites it wouldn’t be the movie we know and love today. He not only played his role, but gave it personality and made him one of the funniest and most memorable characters in cinema today.

His performance was so good and convincing that Adam Sandler himself, after watching the film several times in the cinema, called Terry and offered him one of the main roles in Low blow. The two became great friends and worked together on various occasions.

Since then, Terry has starred in several hit films including Together and mixed and the comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It also introduces America is looking for talent. He is also the author of several books, including an autobiography and his latest creation, an illustrated work for children.

The one who said he doesn’t pretend to be an actor has proven that it’s never too late to find what you love in life. No matter how many times you try, you will always find the way to success. As he himself explained in an interview, you can always take the sad things in life and turn them into something positive.

Which supporting character won your heart? When you were a kid, what was your favorite movie?

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