How do I speed up my computer? Microsoft is preparing a special tool that … you already have

Your computer is silent and you don’t know why? Loads of apps launching at startup that you didn’t know existed? Your drive is running out of space and you don’t know what to delete? Don’t worry – Microsoft has just developed a tool to help you deal with these issues. Besides, you probably already have them on your computer today.

I honestly admit that I am not a big fan of programs like CCleaner, Clean my Mac or the absolutely terrible applications for optimizing work that Xiaomi puts in its smartphones along with other Chinese manufacturers. Personally, I don’t use them, because I know from experience that if the computer is fine, these types of applications slow it down rather than speed up its work.

That’s just my perspective. A man fluent in the operating system distinguishes viruses from spam and knows what to do in order not to turn his machine into a garbage can. Meanwhile, most normal users are unlikely to keep their computer in order.

I had a good example recently in my family where the computer started up terribly for some unknown reason mucus. The reason turned out to be simple, crammed to the limit of the SSD. It took me a long time to find the source of this problem because there were no games, no programs and no heavy files on the computer. What happened? Well, uncleaned for almost three years, the “downloads” folder …

On another occasion, another family member took a long time to start up for reasons known only to himself. It turned out that there were three different antivirus programs installed on it, which put an incredible load on the processor, especially running processes during the autostart process. No wonder programs like CCleaner have been hugely popular for years (like Clean my Mac on Apple computers); their simplicity can often work wonders when it comes to a clogged computer overloaded with programs and files.

Microsoft must be aware that this is the reality of a statistical user, because it has developed a new tool that allows you to easily control the clutter. A bit like CCleaner, but built into the Windows 10 and 11 operating system.

PC Manager or CCleaner for Windows for free

PC Manager, or Computer Manager, is a new tool that has been released in beta version in the Chinese market. No wonder that’s where the Chinese are used to this type of solution from their smartphones, each of which has a similar tool.

This is what the new PC Manager looks like.  Source: The Verge
This is what the new PC Manager looks like. Source: The Verge

However, on a personal computer, it is a novelty that allows you to easily see the technical state of our computer, clean temporary files and speed up its operation with a single click. We also have access to the most important security settings, both when it comes to protecting the operating system and the web browser.

The application also allows you to manage potentially resource-hungry processes and preview startup programs that can slow down your computer when it starts up. All this is extremely helpful, useful and… available today in Windows 11.

How to make your computer faster in Windows 11?

In fact, most of the features available in PC Manager are not new. The new thing is to collect them all in one convenient panel, which will undoubtedly facilitate the use of the options already sewn in Windows 11. However, I suspect that almost no one looks at them, because each of the PC Manager options at the moment it is sewn in another place and for some it is really difficult to hit. But if you want to speed up your Windows 11 PC today, this is where you should look for a solution.

How do I check the health of my computer? Today, the “Device performance and health” feature is hidden in a strange place because … in the security section. To get to it, go to Settings -> Privacy and security -> Protection areas and there in the list we can see not only the security status, but also enter the “Performance and device health” tab. In this tab we will see if any hardware or software is causing problems.

We can also clean your computer of unnecessary files today. How to delete temporary files in Windows 11? Go to Settings -> System -> Memory.

There we can see at a glance how much disk space we have and what exactly is taking up space in the mass memory. If we go to the “Cleaning recommendations” tab, we will be able to delete temporary files stored in the recycle bin, the Downloads folder or in the form of old Windows installation files with a single click.

In Windows, we can of course also manage active processes and check which one uses the most resources. To do this, simply use the shortcut ctrl + alt + del and open the Task Manager. There, in the first standard tab, we will see which applications are active and which background processes are responsible for slowing down the computer.

Of course, you can also manage auto-run applications. To get to the list of these applications, go to Settings -> Applications -> Autostart or enter “Autostart applications” in the search field (the same can be done with any previous location mentioned in this guide). After opening the list, we can see which applications have a large impact on the computer’s operation and prevent them from starting automatically when the computer starts.

It is not known when the new Microsoft tool will reach users in countries other than China, but I have no doubt that there is a lot of use for PC Manager. Because even though the features it offers are available on Windows computers right now, it’s not easy to find them, and probably many people don’t even know about their existence. And sometimes it only takes a few clicks to get our computer running like new.

How do I speed up my computer? Microsoft is preparing a special tool that … you already have

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