How do women and men choose an apartment? These differences are surprising. She pays attention to the garden and the balcony, he to the bicycle paths and the smart house

Does our gender play a role in choosing an apartment? Research by SWPS University psychologists suggests it is. Women and men agree on the most important issues (price, location, etc.), but differ in the details. What do women and men pay attention to when buying real estate?


Choosing an apartment or house depends on many factors. The choice of accommodation also depends on: from our personality. As part of the “Happy Home” project, Otodom and SWPS Innowacje published a report in 2021 that sheds an interesting light on our decisions when buying real estate.

Scientists examined 1428 people. It turns out that when choosing a house or apartment, gender is also important. Women more often than men pay attention to:

  • does the apartment have a garden (33% of women versus 27% of men),
  • does the apartment have a balcony (32% of women versus 27% of men),
  • how sunny is the room (26% of women versus 21% of men).

Every third Polish woman would like to live near green areas suitable for walking dogs. Women also often stated that when choosing a place to live, problems such as location in a neat, well-maintained area, proximity to health and educational institutions, proximity to playgrounds and healthy food stores, and ecological solutions (eg heat pump or photovoltaic) are important to them.

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