How easy is it to access from an Android or iOS mobile device?

If you want to enter a good chat to talk a little with strangers or meet new people is without doubt one of the best options. The site is accessible to anyone who clearly uses computers.

The problem is that when we want to log in from our smartphone, we are surprised that the website in question does not work as it should, or rather as we do. hope it works And here the big surprise ends. What do we do now?

Easy step-by-step access to from your mobile phone

Please note that is developed using Flash and since Google has not been kind to this technology lately from the Chrome browser which It is the most widely used Android system Of course you can’t enter. Even users who tried to install Flash Player for Chrome had problems signing in.

But the ideal is just to get to the point and that’s it using a browser that does not cause this type of problem, even if it is supposed to be able to use and this browser is called Puffin Web Browser, which besides the built-in Flash Player has some very interesting options that you might like.

First of all, you should note that its requirements are basically zero because it asks for 30 MB of free space and Android 4.0 or higher which has the vast majority.

In addition, this browser has many positive characteristics and it is that I did not use it much, I noticed that the page loading speed is higher than Chrome, in addition to having the ability to save mobile data and by taking care of this, we may block ads.

Something that many people need to be able to navigate comfortably, especially for sites that do not take kindly to their users and put ads even when we shut down websites.

This is obviously the simplest solution. have access to and be able to use it so we don’t have that horrible white box and we don’t have Flash Player issues.

But we can also use this browser for many other things because, as you will be able to appreciate, it is quite light, useful, fast and has many options that Chrome failed to take advantage of, but rather took advantage of.

In any case, we’ll let you know how it went with this browser and leave us your feedback comment field which can be found a little further on.

Therefore, its use is theoretically impossible mobile devices. However, rest assured that there is a way to continue using chat without any issues with your mobile phone.

However if what you care about is differentiation little, you can try other types of android chat so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family or with your partner.

How to use from Android step by step

Remember that chat is used on the Internet Xat is based on Flash, a somewhat old technology that was abandoned long ago and that companies like Google want to abandon long ago, replacing it with new and above all safer technologies. It is therefore Chrome does not allow us to use Xat chat.

So how do I view Xat from Android? So there is only one way to use Xat from Android device using a different web browser that if it supports Flash, by the way, you can also visit other websites that still use Flash with the same browser.

We even recommended it as the best web browser for Android 2017 we’re talking about Puffin web browser. It is a lightweight browser that does not consume a lot of resources and allows us to visit different websites very quickly and without any problems.

Fortunately, this app does not consume too many resources It also doesn’t take up much space, nor does it require you to have a next-gen device, so no matter what device you have, you’ll be able to use it without a problem.

It is worth mentioning that in order to install some apps, you need to have an updated Android, which will make it easier for you to launch apps and you won’t have any problems great with them.

It is enough to have 30 MB of space on a mobile phone, Andorid 4.0 or higher and that’s it, install it from the link we left you before and you will be able use chat on your Android without any problems.

Considering also what does chat look like on the site? If you have a cell phone that’s not too big, chatting on it can be a bit awkward, but testing is fine.

Also, you might get used to using this browser, which I said uses a lot less RAM than Chrome can use, though at this point, right? uses less RAM than Chrome? Very good browser but not too much for low to mid range mobile devices.

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