How not to waste food during the holidays Discover 5 recipes for using leftovers from Christmas Eve. An expert advises how to plan Christmas shopping

Hours spent shopping and cooking, hundreds of zlotys spent and kilograms of food ending up in the trash. This is what the Christmas landscape looks like in many Polish homes. But it can change. Sylwia Majcher, an expert on the zero waste idea, tells us how to plan your shopping and use the leftovers on the Christmas table to help the planet and save money at the same time. Try these 5 recipes to use up your Christmas leftovers.


According to research conducted by the Institute for Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOŚ-PIB) and the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, consumers throw away the most food. As much as 60%, or almost 3 million tons Food waste comes from households.

– In Poland, every second throughout the year, almost 153 kilograms of food are thrown into the bin in the entire food chain, and even 92 kg in Polish homes. It’s as if every day, throughout the year, every second, Poles throw away 184 loaves of bread in their homes alone – enumerates Robert Łaba from IOŚ-NRI.

Experts very low – on only 23.4 percent. – assess Poland’s prospects of meeting the European Parliament’s 2030 demands for efficient resource management, including halving food waste. However, our chances can be increased if we start working from the ground up and start the process of change by sensibly planning our purchases and filling the fridge.

It is worth starting all activities for the planet from yourself. Small gestures of individuals, gathered together, can bring spectacular effects. The beginning of change begins in our mindand then… while getting ready to shop.

According to Sylwia Majcher, environmental educator, journalist and book author, pre-Christmas preparations it is primarily preventioni.e. make sure that all the ingredients we want to buy are definitely used.

– Home the kitchen is worth treating as the best restaurant. Popular cooks primarily calculate: what will be the portion of the dish, how many ingredients are needed for it, they estimate the final price of the dish. These accounts are also worth doing in home kitchens. And following the example of the best chefs, think about using the full potential of the product and find a purpose for those parts that we normally throw away. When we cook red borscht, it is worth making hummus, vegetable carpaccio or a salad with nuts and parsley with the remaining beets, says Sylwia Majcher.

And he adds that the success of Christmas preparations is guaranteed by planning. To begin with, write down all the ideas for the dishes you will prepare, and adjust their quantity to the number of guests who will be sitting at the festive table with us.

– If we have an appetite for 12 traditional dishes, we should remember that everyone, if they try them all, will eat almost 1.5 kilograms for this one Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, the suggested daily portion of food for an adult weighs more from 300 to 500 g. Based on the menu, we make a list of the necessary ingredients, but before we go to the store with it, it is worth doing it inventory in kitchen cabinets. This is the ideal time to tidy up and use everything you have left in your inventory, advises the educator.

He also encourages you to do it before Christmas empty the freezer and prepare it to welcome the post-Christmas leftovers. He adds that in the invitation for guests, you can ask them to bring their own boxes and take away the leftover food from the holiday table.

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While Christmas leftovers aren’t too difficult to process, Christmas Eve leftovers often end up straight in the bin. But Sylwia Majcher has an idea for what to do with the food left over from Christmas Eve dinner:

  1. soup it can be successfully frozen or canned. Such an extension of the shelf life is good for borscht or mushroom soup.
  2. Cabbage it can be the basis for making a filling for yeast rolls. When we season the filling with hot spices, smoked paprika, cumin – the taste will be completely different. You can add a lot of fried onion to it and fill the shortbread with it. In the form of such a cake, it will also successfully change the image.
  3. From herring you can make a tartare, just chop it up, add some sun-dried tomatoes and parsley. If they were in oil, they will be happy to dip in a marinade – for example with cranberries, nuts and ginger. This is an appetizer suggestion that will be perfect for New Year’s Eve.
  4. of cake, what remains, you can hide the truffles. You need to soak them in tea, add your favorite jam and blend. Then just make small balls from the obtained mass and roll each ball in cocoa, ground nuts or coconut centrifuges.
  5. Compote fruit dried leaves can be turned into jam and spread on morning waffles or pancakes.

– The most important thing is not to treat these residues, as worthless scraps, only valuable ingredientswhich still have a lot of good flavor to offer – sums it up.

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