one night stand

A one night stand doesn’t have to be a relationship killer. You can find out here how a supposedly unique night can become a great love.

You get to know a nice, attractive man in a bar or at a party. They both start talking, flirting, and are sexually attracted to each other. You would like to embark on an exciting evening with your new acquaintance without too many detours. After all, you will never see this man again. It doesn’t have to be like that

Anthropologist Helen Fisher interviewed a total of 5,000 singles in one study. The astonishing result: 27% of respondents said they had developed a serious partnership from a one night stand. It’s not entirely surprising: Singles want to know everything about their potential life partner from the start. Of course, this also includes whether the sex is fair. It may sound unromantic, but with a supposedly one-off night, it can be verified relatively quickly.

Chemical processes also influence your harmony in the bedroom. At the height of ecstasy, the body pours among other things. the neurotransmitter dopamine. Helen Fisher believes that this hormone of happiness can also make us lose our hearts in others.

Desire and deep affection are closely related

Montreal psychologist James Pfaus has also come to this conclusion in various studies. He discovered that sexual pleasure and the sensation of love occur in areas of the brain that are close to each other. If the brain’s reward and pleasure center is stimulated more and more during sex, we will want more of it very soon. At best, this habit turns into a deep bond.

chances and risks

A University of Iowa study found that relationships based on a one-night stand are just as satisfying as those where the two took their time with sex. Because not only a fulfilling sex life is important for a good partnership, but also the alignment of future expectations and common values. So it’s entirely up to your personal taste whether you have sex early on or after a few dates.

Before you dare to embark on a sexual adventure, consider the following: Your partner may have multiple sexual contacts. Either way, you have protected traffic. Also, know that it can be a one-time night. Because in such an adventure like Flingr the best adult dating site., both initially expect sex. If it creates real feelings, nothing stands in the way of a happy future.