how the new work visa law works

Faced with prospects such as high quality of life, security, excellent public services and opportunities for specialization and new professional experiences, Portugal is the country in Europe with the largest number of Brazilian immigrants residing in its territory. According to data from the Foreign and Border Service of the Portuguese Embassy (SEF), more than 200,000 Brazilians had already settled in the country by March of this year, representing 30% of all foreigners in good standing; number that can be even greater, since citizens with dual citizenship are not counted by the body.

Assessing this scenario and the growing demand for young professionals – taking into account the number of elderly people, retirees and the lack of specialized workforce to work in different fields – the European country created, just over five years ago, The Law on Foreigners in Portugal, with the aim of guaranteeing the development and economic growth of the nation; legislation that has recently undergone several updates, with positive impacts on Brazilians seeking an opportunity to work and reside in the country.

What does the new law say for foreigners in Portugal?

Published last August, the new legislation is known for making visa residency more flexible for citizens of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), of which Brazil is a part. Covering a new type of work visa, Brazilians can stay in Portugal for up to 180 days if they are looking for a job. Upon employment, it is possible to apply for a residence permit to adjust your situation in the country.

“Without a doubt, it is a great advance for those who dream of building a new life in a European country. The only objection is that if the immigrant is not employed during this period, he must leave the country immediately, obtaining a new visa, in this mode, only after one year from the expiration of the previous visa. In these cases, if the person has Portuguese descendants, be it parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, and is really interested in staying in the country, the search for Portuguese citizenship can be much more interesting and cancels the need for these authorizations. “, comments the lawyer Dr. Rodrigo Lopes, CEO of DNA Cidadania, a legal consultancy that works on Portuguese nationality cases and has seen the number of its advisers grow exponentially in the last two years.

“Previously, Portuguese citizenship was only given by the father to children with original attribute, but currently the right of the grandson becomes equal to that of the children, being able to pass it on to other descendants, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of Portuguese citizens. Portuguese citizenship by naturalization can also be granted to spouses and married partners in a permanent union. It is a definitive passport that allows you to live and work in Portugal or any other European Union country, have access to low-interest real estate loans and also travel to many other countries without the need for a visa.” , adds Dr. Rodrigo.

In addition to making the period of stay flexible for those looking for work in the country, the new law for foreigners in Portugal facilitates the residence visa for students pursuing higher education in the territory, grants residence or temporary residence visas for digital nomads and abolishes the regime of quotas for CPLP immigrants.

“It is worth noting that interested parties must meet certain requirements. In order to be granted an extended visa, the person must prove that they have the means of subsistence while looking for a job opportunity, do not pose a security risk or have been convicted of a crime for more than one year, in accordance with Portuguese legislation, and have the ticket of returning to the place of origin already purchased, in case he does not occupy the workplace in the specified period”, explains the specialist.

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