How to change mobile phone IP

This can be very useful in some circumstances change mobile ip Like other devices such as computers, smartphones also have an Internet Protocol (IP) address internet protocol English). In this post we are going to see how to find out what our IP is and how to change it if necessary.

Before addressing the question, it is worth recalling exactly what IP is. Explaining it in a simple way, we can confirm that it is a number assigned to the network, which: It is used to identify a device connected to the Internet.. In this case, a cell phone. Additionally, there are two types of IP addresses: public and private. Each of them performs a different function.

It public IP It is the one that the Internet service provider assigns to the customer, a unique number that identifies our network from the outside. On the other hand, that private IP It’s the one assigned to a particular device on our network. For example, a mobile phone. So a smartphone has two different types of IP. Obviously, in order to change them, we must first know what they are.

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Reasons to change mobile phone IP

The main reason is that many users decide to change their phone IP safety. If we have the slightest suspicion that someone is trying to hack our device or access our data, the smartest thing to do is to modify it.

There is another no less important reason privacy. Whoever accesses our IP will be able to track our movements and movements down to the smallest detail.

So, to use our phone with complete peace of mind, The smartest thing to do is to change your IP address regularly from time to time. This is not foolproof protection (unfortunately, it does not exist on the Internet), but in most cases it will suffice.

What is my mobile IP?

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Both iPhone and Android phones store information related to your IP in their settings menu. Finding it is a simple task, although it may vary depending on the operating system and the customization layers of each device.

public IP

Finding out this information is extremely easy. All we have to do is open our mobile browser and go to a page like this. What is my IP? Simply logging in will be enough to get the information we’re looking for, as the number will appear on the screen next to the text “Your IP address is…”.

private IP

Finding a private IP on a smartphone is a bit more complicated. In addition, there is a special procedure for iPhone and Android mobile phones. We explain them below.

on android

  1. To start, we go to the menu Settings:
  2. There we choose “Network and Internet” or simply click the Wi-Fi option.
  3. Then we click the name of the network.
  4. Finally, we choose the option “Advanced”where we find our IP address details.

on an iPhone

  1. First, let’s go to the app Settings:
  2. Then we click Wi-Fi.
  3. There we look for the network to which the iPhone is connected.
  4. Click to finish info iconwhere both the iPhone’s private IP and the public IP, i.e. the router’s, are displayed.

Change mobile IP – how to do it

Now that we’ve got our mobile phone’s IP address (public and private), we can now move on to the next step of changing it. The way to do this is not the same for iPhone as it is for Android mobile, as we can see below.

on android

The IP address of Android mobile phones changes every time we connect and disconnect from a wireless network. Therefore, the only thing we can do change is a fixed or static IP. Here’s how you do it.

  1. First of all, we open the application Settings:
  2. Then we move on to the section connection Device:
  3. In the next menu, we go directly to the function Wi-Fi.
  4. There on the list available networksyou need to find and select one of our phone.
  5. Then click the option “forget” and we reconnect.*
  6. Once that’s done, we go to Advanced Options.
  7. first we choose “IP Settings” and then “static IP”. There is a menu where we will be able to modify the address.

You will also need to delete the key if it is saved.

on an iPhone

  1. The steps to change iPhone mobile IP are as follows: The first step is to open the app
  2. Settings: Let’s go to tab
  3. Wi-Fi. There we click i icon
  4. which is displayed right next to the network we want to connect the phone to. Then in the section IPv4 address, we will press the option
  5. “Configure IP”. We choose the optionManual
  6. .Next, we select the fields “ Subnet Mask” and:“router”
  7. in which we present the relevant data.

Finally, we save the changes.

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