How to change the name of a personal access point on an iPhone or iPad

When you go to iPhone Settings and tap Personal Hotspot, you’ll only see an option to change the hotspot password, not its name. But if you want to change the hotspot name of your iPhone, you need to adjust the main name of your iPhone. It’s very simple, and we’ll show you how.

Why change the name of the personal access point

If you’re trying to connect to your hotspot in a crowded place, with a generic name like “iPhone” can be confusing because there can be multiple open access points with the same name. Likewise, if you have multiple iOS devices, they can all be named as “iPhone” or “your iphone name🇧🇷 In these situations, changing the name of the personal hotspot will help you identify the iPhone you are trying to connect to.

Change the name of a personal hotspot from iPhone or iPad

open it settings and tap In general🇧🇷 touch Eye and click on the field Name🇧🇷 Enter a new name and tap the button concluded on the keyboard.

This new name is how your iPhone will identify itself from now on. It will use this new name for all settings including AirDrop and Personal Hotspot.

You can check this by going to settings from iPhone > personal hotspot🇧🇷 If you don’t see the option, go to settings 🇧🇷 Cell (or mobile data) > personal hotspot🇧🇷 Here you will see the changed name of the access point. This name will now appear on other devices when it is an option Allow others to participate is activated.

Check it out below:

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