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Do you know what they are? types of barbecue skewers? Well, know that having specialized and prepared equipment can help with the result. Therefore, we have selected the ideal skewers for you to grill.

Skewers are very famous equipment in steakhouses. However, you can also rely on one in your home. In addition, there are several ways to use this device.

However, in order for you to choose the size and shape, it is important to consider several factors. Therefore, we have selected the most different types of barbecue skewers, see below.

What is the barbecue skewer for?

A grill spit is a device used to grill meat, different types of vegetables or whatever you want to put directly on it. That’s right, when you go to a steak house in Porto Alegre, for example, you can see a wide variety of skewers.

For those with little experience at first it is a little complicated to have a good relationship with the skewer, meat and knife. But over time you can get used to it and develop skills to use this device.

Is using a skewer better than grilling?

Using a skewer has its pros and cons. After all, having a skewer makes handling, serving and grilling meat easier.

Skewered meat is much better cooked than grilled. However, when you pierce the meat to put it on the skewer, you end up losing the juice and leaving it much less juicy. While on the grill you don’t have this problem.

Each has its own benefits and you shouldn’t replace one with the other, as having a spit and grill are essential for you to have a high quality BBQ.

What are the types of skewers?

After all, what are they? the types of skewers that exist? Well, know that you have 3 options. Among them we can mention:

The simple skewer has only one rod. This is a great option for baking some appetizers and especially light meats like cheese, garlic bread and sausages.

This one has two rods and can be used for heavier meats. So you can use it to bake large sausages, sausages and more.

The triple skewer is very resistant and you can grill heavy cuts like picanha, ribs and even whole pieces.

Also, you can find changes in the cable. Most have a handle, this helps you better handle the meats and get into the grill.

How to choose the best option?

Now that you know the types of skewers, it’s important to have a few factors to choose from.

Therefore, you should first consider the size, not buying a skewer that is too big to put more meat on, given that your grill is small.

That is, you should choose the size of the skewer according to the size of the grill you have in your home.

If your grill is big, but you buy a small skewer, you can have problems, burn yourself or even burn the nail part of your look.

On the other hand, you should also be careful with large skewers on small grills. So buy according to the size your grill supports.

Width also affects when choosing. Thinner skewers are great options for placing appetizers and small meat options.

Whereas thicker skewers will support larger pieces of meat. So when choosing the types of skewers to buy, you should also consider how and what you will be using them for.

Types of materials for a skewer

Also, pay attention to the material, you can rely on stainless steel, nickel-plated steel or aluminum skewers. The most suitable option is stainless steel, it is much more resistant and does not rust.

Nickel-plated steel is also an excellent option, as it is resistant and has good durability. The aluminum one is not very convenient, after all it heats up faster and is not as resistant and can rust more easily.

You should also pay attention to the handle that is most suitable for wood. Because it doesn’t slide too easily, even if your hands are wet, and it doesn’t transfer heat to the skin.

But it is important to be a little careful with the material of the handle, since it is made of wood, it requires care. Among the main care when washing, you should immediately put it to dry.

However, if you choose steel or aluminum cable, it is recommended to be very careful in handling it, as it can get hot due to fire. In other words, cause serious accidents. So, if you choose these materials, be very careful.

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