How to connect mobile to car via Bluetooth

How to connect mobile to car via Bluetooth It may sound somewhat complicated, but it is not at all. In this post, I will explain step by step how this process is carried out, its possible uses or even some important advantages that this type of technology has.

It’s important to keep in mind the potential use of smartphone technology inside the car because everything points to the upcoming migration of all multimedia systems to this. In addition, connectivity can reduce accidents caused by the use of mobile devices while driving.

If you find this topic interesting, let’s move on, in the next few lines I will tell you how to connect a mobile to a car via Bluetooth and some other elements.

Learn how to connect your mobile to your car via Bluetooth

How to connect mobile to car via Bluetooth+

It Connecting your mobile phone to your car hearing aid is as simple as it is versatile, where variables such as device type, model, or even brand can be accessed. To generalize a few ways, here I explain step by step several ways to connect a mobile phone to a car via Bluetooth:

on the Android screen

It has become very fashionable in recent months audio equipment with touch screens and which run on the Android operating system. Apart from being colorful and impressive, these are very useful for receiving calls and much more without having to use the mobile right away. The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Once you’ve plugged in your audio hardware and it’s loaded all of its subroutines properly, you’ll be able to use it in tablet-like fashion. At the top, you’ll find a menu that will be displayed by swiping your fingers down on the screen.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth option. To do this, you only need to click on the icon once. This should change color when activated.
  3. After turning on the Bluetooth of the car audio equipment, we will turn on the Bluetooth of our mobile. To do this we will repeat almost the same process as we did in the car, bring up the top menu and turn on.
  4. When both are connected, we enter the bluetooth options of the mobile.more settings“. Here you need to activate the search if it does not start automatically. This will be done in the “Available devices” section.A1:
  5. When you find the name of your audio device, just click on it and it may ask you for a security PIN, if you haven’t changed the factory one it should be “0000:“or”1234“.
  6. Wait a few seconds and it’s on. You can make sure by seeing the name of your device on the car screen.

to the adapter

Another type of very impressive device that has become fashionable today is Bluetooth adapters for car stereos. These turn on the cigarette lighter as a power source and connect your mobile phone to a simple audio player via auxiliary input. These adapters are very convenient without the need to upgrade your player. To enable it, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Connect your adapter to a power source as well as to the auxiliary port of the player.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone and search for nearby devices.
  3. Press the pairing button on the adapter.
  4. Once you find the adapter, click on it. It doesn’t require access codes, it’s just available.

here is the process can be a little less direct To play music, just use your mobile player as a file manager, all the sound will be played through the car speakers.

There are other methods to get music from your cell phone through your car speakers, but not through Bluetooth. I won’t go into it too much, but use an auxiliary cable or USBit can be useful.

Advantages of connecting a mobile phone to a car

mobile to car via Bluetooth

These types of new tools are designed to make life easier and in this case also contribute greatly to the safety of passengers and the driver. Here are the main benefits of connecting your cell phone to your car audio system:

  • Increase securityBy not paying attention to the mobile, we keep our eyes on the road and guarantee possible mistakes as much as possible. Basically, the common elements of mobile are handled by your player.
  • Allows you to receive or make callsNo more need to turn on the phone when you go to make or receive a call, when you turn on the mobile phone, you will receive the notification directly to your team and answer without holding the smartphone. The inconvenience of cables is over.
  • high quality soundIf you want to listen to your music via streaming or simply have it stored in the mobile memory, this is a great option that allows you to connect your multimedia files to the car’s sound system and enjoy its sound in high quality.
  • Use of satellite positioning systemIf you are one of those people who easily get lost on the streets, then connecting your mobile to the car will be a great experience. You’ll be able to use tools like Waze or Google Maps without holding your smartphone.
  • real time locationIf you want to know where your car is when your children or relatives are using it, this is a great option, using positioning tools you will be able to know exactly where they are in real time.

It is It is recommended that the connection between the mobile and your car audio system is made before starting itso you are guaranteed to avoid distractions.

Confused CarPlay or Android Auto?

Android Bluetooth:

You may hear something about these applications, the truth is that each, despite the fact that have similar functions and featuresit changes your native operating system.

Android Auto:, as its name suggests, is developed for devices with Android OS. The function of this, in addition to a friendly connection with the car’s audio equipment, is to reduce some distractions, helping to drive safer for the car crew.

Android Auto:
Android Auto:

In turn, S. CarPlay:, it is also an app for managing apps between car players and iOS devices. Its interface is much more fluid and simple, allowing you to become a virtual co-pilot.

Despite the opposite operating systems, CarPlay seems to me to be a much nicer and more interesting option, but it’s all based on personal taste.

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