How to create an email shipping address for a company

From tomorrow, e-Delivery will cease to be just an interest, at least for entrepreneurs who set up a new business in the Central Registry and Information on Economic Activities (CEIDG).

This deadline has been postponed many times, so starting tomorrow, many entrepreneurs may be surprised when accessing the CEIDG for their new business activities. From February 1, 2023, the obligation to attach an email address for electronic delivery to such an entry comes into force.

Electronic delivery. why and why do I need it?

What are these electronic deliveries? We have already written to you many times about them, it is a new system of communication between citizens and companies with e-government. Most importantly, a message sent from an address used for electronic delivery will have the same legal consequences as a registered letter with return receipt requested.

Minister Janusz Cheszynski, Prime Minister’s Chancellor’s Secretary of State for Digitization.

e-Delivery is one of the most important digital projects of recent years. It will bring Polish offices and institutions, and therefore their interaction with citizens, to a completely different level. Therefore, it is a sensitive system that must be perfectly prepared.

From 2021, every company and citizen can create an electronic delivery address that can be used with the government administration and ZUS, KRUS or the National Health Fund from July 5, 2022 (with local governments only from January 1). , 2024 years).

However, starting tomorrow, entrepreneurs must enter such an address for electronic delivery when making new entries in the CEIDG, and from September 30, 2025, also entrepreneurs who make changes to entries in the CEIDG.

Piotr Juschik, chief tax advisor of inFakt.

But this is not the end. From January 1, 2024, the national electronic invoicing system will be launched and electronic invoices will come into force. However, from January 1, 2026, taxpayers must send the unified control file for income tax to the tax office. The introduction of the electronic delivery service means that from February 1, 2023, new companies must have Internet access. From 2024, thanks to KSeF, it will be a requirement for every company.

How to create an email shipping address for a company?

We can set up an e-Delivery address on the website, in the form shown, it is enough to indicate for whom we want to set it up, after choosing the entrepreneur, we can immediately proceed to filling out the online application.

It is important that the application must be signed electronically by the persons authorized to represent the entrepreneur or his representative using:

  • trusted profile
  • qualified signature
  • electronic proof
  • electronic seal

Once an e-delivery address is assigned, it will be immediately available for use when applying for a new entry to CEIDG or in compliance with e-administration.

Sending and receiving messages is available at The electronic delivery address is quite complex in its structure. it certainly can’t be remembered as easily as a traditional email address, so it’s worth writing it down on hand in a notebook on your computer or smartphone.

You can read more about e-delivery on the website of the operator for this service, Poczta Polska, and on the question and answer page.
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