How to decorate and equip a balcony in spring? The most important trends for 2023. See how to decorate the terrace in a modern way

How to decorate a balcony in a modern way in spring? Natural colors and materials, comfortable seats and atmospheric decorations are mandatory elements in 2023. Check out how to decorate the terrace in a modern way and create a unique place for summer relaxation. See what must not be missing on a modern balcony.


Round and wavy shapes are the most modern in 2023, so you can’t avoid them on a covered terrace and a spacious balcony. It’s worth finding a place, at least for one or two aerodynamic garden chairswhere we can comfortably relax outdoors. Soft backrests inspired by the shape of a circle and spacious seats complete with giant handbags These are the characteristics that a modern piece of furniture for a terrace or balcony should have.

Lighting it is one of the most important elements of decorating terraces and balconies in spring. This type of functional decoration helps to create a pleasant atmosphere outside on warm evenings, which will be conducive to relaxation.

In 2023, therefore, among other things, the following should not be missing:

  • atmospheric and modern lanterns,
  • outdoor wall lamps,
  • decorative LED garlands,
  • solar lamps.

We don’t have to spend a fortune to arrange a modern and decorative light on the terrace or balcony. It is worth especially considering LED lighting, which not only decorates the space and saves energy, but also emits atmospheric light. There are many ideas for terrace lighting, you just need to let your imagination run free.

Plants in woven, hanging flower beds made of macrame and rattan or jute, wicker, sea grass and designer ceramics are an indispensable element on the terrace and balcony in 2023. Apart from classic balcony flowers and vines arrangement of plants it can be complemented with modern pampas grasses in a sculpture-like vase. Outside, it is worth placing banana trees with decorative leaves, tropical yuccas or palm trees, which will add naturalness and a festive atmosphere to the terrace area.

In the spring-summer season of 2023, it is worth betting outdoor carpets in earth tones, beige, brown, gray, off-white or soft pastel colors. Color lovers can also choose textiles with strong color accents. The stores include designs with the trendy color of the year Viva Magenta, juicy green, energetic red or turquoise.

When arranging a space for relaxation, we must not forget about the decorative ones pillows and checkered from natural fabrics without decorations or with subtle, unusual ethnic patterns that will create a unique atmosphere on the terrace.

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