How to effectively clean tombstones for All Saints? See how to take care of graves. Check out how to get rid of wax and stains from monuments

Cleaning gravestones and arranging them before All Saints’ Day is very important. The area of ​​November 1 and 2 is the time when the whole family comes to the graves of their relatives. Numerous wreaths of flowers were placed on the monuments, planters with chrysanthemums were placed and numerous candles were lit. Therefore, we must remember that someone from the family or a professional company takes care of the headstones before November 1st. This will keep them in perfect condition for a long time. We advise how to effectively clean monuments of wax and care for family monuments.


  • Make sure to clean the headstones before All Saints’ Day. Do not throw away used candles!
  • How to effectively remove wax from monuments before November 1st? Use these home remedies to clean graves on All Saints’ Day

In order to properly care for the surface of the gravestone, we must first remove all burnt candles. Of course, the cartridges must be thrown away and left in the container mixed waste. Note that they are not only made of plastic, but also contaminated with smoke and paraffin. But let’s not throw single-use candles in the trash. Glass or plastic decorative candles should be taken home and kept until the next visit to the cemetery.

However, if we do not want to take them with us, because, for example, we have nowhere to store them at home, leave them on special shelves intended for this purpose. Such shelves for used candles they are usually found at the exits from the cemetery. Of course, the candle left on these shelves should have an impeccable appearance, it must be clean and without visible damage. Thanks to this, other people visiting relatives in the cemetery can take it for free and reuse it. They just need to buy new cartridge on a candle and can light it on the grave they are visiting.

Wax stains are probably the most common dirt that is difficult to remove.

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